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17 July 2014

Irish CSO Reports: Livestock Slaughterings June 2014Irish CSO Reports: Livestock Slaughterings June 2014


Cattle slaughterings increased by 22.2% in June

The number of cattle slaughtered in June 2014 was 22.2% higher than in June 2013. See Table 1 and graph.

A further comparison of June 2014 and June 2013 slaughtering figures also shows that

  • Sheep slaughterings increased by 17.0%.
  • Pig slaughterings increased by 8.5%.

A comparison of figures for January-June 2014 with the corresponding period of 2013 shows that

  • Cattle slaughterings increased by 14.2%.
  • Sheep slaughterings decreased by 0.2%.
  • Pig slaughterings increased by 0.2%.

July 2014

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