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02 July 2013

Irish CSO: Output, Input and Income in Agriculture - Final EstimateIrish CSO: Output, Input and Income in Agriculture - Final Estimate


Agricultural operating surplus down by 7.5% in 2012

The CSO's final estimate of operating surplus in agriculture in 2012 shows an annual decrease of 7.5%. This follows an increase of 31.5% in 2011. The drop in operating surplus in 2012 can be mostly attributed to an increase in intermediate consumption by 9.2%. See Table1.

Further comparison of 2012 to 2011 shows the following changes in estimated value

  • Goods output at producer prices increased by 6.5% or €409.8m
  • Cattle output increased by 18.1% or €324.7m
  • Milk output decreased by 11.2% or €205.0m
  • Pigs output increased by 12.0% or €47.3m
  • Cereals output increased by 16.5% or €47.7m
  • Total Intermediate consumption increased by 9.2% or €446.8m
  • Expenditure on retail feedingstuffs increased by 22.0% or €259m

These figures are based on the final annual data and update preliminary estimates published by the CSO in February 2013.

July 2013

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