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13 May 2013

Irish CSO: Consumer Price Index April 2013Irish CSO: Consumer Price Index April 2013


Prices Rise by 0.5% in the Year to April

Consumer Prices in April, as measured by the CPI, remained unchanged in the month. Prices also showed no change in April of last year. Prices on average, as measured by the CPI, were 0.5% higher in April compared with April 2012.

The most notable changes in the year were increases in Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (+5.3%), Education (+4.8%) and Miscellaneous Goods & Services (+2.5%). There were decreases in Communications (-4.6%), Furnishings, Household Equipment&Routine Household Maintenance (-3.4%) and Clothing& Footwear (-1.8%).

The most significant monthly price changes were increases in Miscellaneous Goods & Services (+1.2%) and Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages (+0.5%). There was a decrease in Transport (-0.8%).

The main factors contributing to the monthly change were as follows:

  • Miscellaneous Goods & Services rose mainly due to increases in health insurance premiums.
  • Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages increased due to higher prices for a wide range of food items.
  • Transport fell mainly due to a decrease in airfares.

CPI/HICP - All Items Annual Percentage Change

CPI Sub-indices

The annual rate of inflation for Services was 1.7% in the year to April, while Goods decreased by 1.0%. Services, excluding mortgage interest repayments, increased by 2.5% in the year since April 2012.

The CPI excluding tobacco for April decreased by 0.1% in the month and was up by 0.4% in the year. The CPI excluding energy products rose by 0.1% in the month and increased by 0.6% in the year. The CPI excluding mortgage interest remained unchanged in the month and rose by 1.0% in the year.

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