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21 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan Bans Wholesale of Some U.S. Beef
JAPAN - The Japanese government has ordered meat wholesalers not to sell more than 800 tons of American T-bone steaks and other beef products considered at risk of carrying mad cow disease, health officials said Wednesday.      The...
View news from Japan Risky mad cow beef still being sold in Japan
JAPAN - About 780 tons of beef products containing cow backbones at risk of mad cow disease infection have been imported to Japan from the United States since January last year, officials have said.      The Ministry of Health,...
20 January 2004
View news from Japan Japanese team: U.S. and Canadian beef still not 100 percent safe
TOKYO - A Japanese team that returned Monday from a mission to investigate the United States' first confirmed case of mad cow disease warned that American and Canadian cows were still vulnerable to an outbreak of the illness.      Japan,...
View news from Japan Japan Minister Says Worried About More BSE in U.S.
TOKYO - Japan's farm minister on Tuesday expressed concern about the possibility the United States might discover new cases of mad cow disease, and reiterated Japan's stance that it would not resume imports until it was sure of the safety of U.S. beef. Agriculture...
View news from Japan Australia eager to pinch-hit for U.S. beef
JAPAN - Food retailers and restaurants, scrambling to make up for the loss of U.S. beef following its ban four weeks ago, have found a willing alternate supplier in Australia.      The Australian government said last week that...
19 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan says more U.S. mad cow cases possible
TOKYO - Japan's Farm Ministry says there is no guarantee that other mad cow cases will not be found in the United States as the two countries prepare for talks this week on lifting a Japanese ban on U.S. beef imports.      Japan,...
View news from Japan Japan reluctant to lift US beef ban for now
JAPAN - The prospects of Japan lifting its import ban on U.S. beef at an early date look dim after government officials expressed fears on Monday that more mad-cow cases could emerge in America.      A team of government officials...
16 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan hopes for early lifting of ban on US beef
TOKYO - Japanese Agriculture Minister Yoshiyuki Kamei told his US counterpart Thursday that an early lifting of the ban on imports of US beef over mad cow fears is "desirable" and agreed to talks next week to discuss the possible re-opening of trade. Source:...
15 January 2004
View news from Japan US/Japan To Talk BSE
TOKYO - The U.S. and Japanese agriculture chiefs agreed Thursday to hold further talks aimed at lifting Tokyo's ban on U.S. beef imports, beginning with Washington's dispatch of a negotiating team to Japan next week, the Japanese government said. Source:...
13 January 2004
View news from Japan DNA testing to keep beef traders honest - Random checks are planned at retail outlets to discourage mislabeling.
JAPAN - Concerned over what another beef-mislabeling scandal might do to consumer confidence on the heels of the first case of BSE in the United States, the government says it will begin testing the DNA of beef on sale at retail outlets. Source: The...
08 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan denies discussing steps to lift US beef ban
TOKYO - Japan's farm ministry denied on Thursday that it was considering proposals to the United States that could lead eventually to a resumption of U.S. beef imports, halted since the discovery of a case of mad cow disease. Source: Reuters...
07 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan to send investigation team to US, Canada for BSE
TOKYO - Japan will send a fact-finding team to the United States and Canada to investigate the cases of mad cow disease, said the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on Wednesday. Source: Xinhuanet via Chinaview...
06 January 2004
View news from Japan Japan pressures U.S. over mad cow measures - Looks to Australia
TOKYO - Complaining that new U.S. procedures to deal with mad cow disease were not good enough, Japan said on Tuesday it would send a team to rival beef exporter Australia to look for alternative supplies. Source: Reuters...
05 January 2004
View news from Japan Don't break confidence in safety: Japan
TOKYO - Japan's trade minister says consumers' hard-won confidence in the safety of beef must not be broken on the eve of his visit to Washington, suggesting Tokyo's ban on US beef would remain for now. Japan, which has had to deal with the impact...
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