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14 March 2022
View news from Spain Spain poised to approve emergency corn buying
The country is eying supply in the US and Argentina...
07 February 2022
View news from Spain Selsaf®, Phileo’s nutritional solution enriched in selenomethionine, selenocysteine soon to be produced in Spain
An integral aspect of sustainability is the responsible local sourcing of raw materials and ingredients. Committed to a sustainable agrifood industry and to answer the growing demand, Phileo by Lesaffre is pleased to announce the Lesaffre investment in...
27 November 2021
View news from Spain USDA, IMF outlooks for Spain’s economic trends
Outside the European Union Member States, Brazil is the largest origin of Spanish agricultural and related imports followed by the US....
01 July 2021
View news from Spain Spanish start-up eyes the mass market with its 3D printed “steaks"
As demand for plant-based alternatives to meat rises, Barcelona-based startup Novameat is using its 3D printing technology to manufacture vegetarian "steaks" that it hopes will reach the mass market next year....
23 March 2021
View news from Spain More than 1,600 cattle on second Spanish cattle ship to be killed
Spain on Monday ordered the slaughter of 1,610 cattle which have been stuck aboard the Elbeik livestock ship since December, just weeks after hundreds of cattle on another vessel met a similar fate....
01 March 2021
View news from Spain Spanish government orders cattle on pariah ship to be culled
More than 850 cows that have spent months on a ship in the Mediterranean are no longer fit for transport and should be killed, Spain's Agriculure Ministry said on 27 February....
26 February 2021
View news from Spain Spanish cattle ship returns to port after spending months at sea
A shipload of Spanish cattle that had been drifting for months due to concerns over the bovine bluetongue disease docked in Spain on Thursday, the government said, but the fate of the animals remains unclear....
08 February 2021
View news from Spain Spanish farmers fear that new protections for wolves will lead to livestock deaths
Farmers groups in Spain have condemned the government’s move to declare the Iberian wolf a protected species, saying that a nationwide hunting ban would lead to more attacks on livestock....
14 November 2020
View news from Spain Sustainable farming practices could save Mediterranean soils
A team from the Diverfarming project has shown the efficacy of sustainable management of the soil in avoiding erosion and runoff, above all in intense rainfall events....
24 December 2018
View news from Spain Small Family-run Livestock Farms Stand Out in Cordoba's Dehesa
SPAIN - A dehesa is a distinctive ecosystem in the Mediterranean areas of the Iberian Peninsula labeled High Nature Value due to the value of its ecosystem services and its role in conserving biodiversity....
17 April 2018
View news from Spain AHDB Showcases Steaks, Chops at Alimentaria
SPAIN - High quality beef, lamb and pork from Britain will take centre stage this week at a major food and drinks exhibition in Barcelona....
12 September 2017
View news from Spain Biosensor Detects Adulteration of Horse in Beef Meat Within an Hour
SPAIN - The identification of horse meat adulterating others as beef meat is possible thanks to an electrochemical biosensor developed by the Complutense University of Madrid which is able to recognise a DNA fragment virtually unchanged in the more than...
28 November 2016
View news from Spain Regenerative Grazing Improves Soil Health and Plant Biodiversity
SPAIN - Regenerative grazing practices improve soil quality and pasture diversity, as the Spain-based European LIFE Regen Farming project, due to end this year, has been able to show....
26 May 2016
View news from Spain Spain Recognised as Low Risk for BSE
SPAIN - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has officially recognised Spain as one of the countries with negligible risk for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)....
10 May 2016
View news from Spain Removing Fat During Cooking Reduces Environmental Pollutants in Meat
SPAIN - Six months ago, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (at the World Health Organisation or WHO) associated consumption of red meat and processed meat with cancer risk....
02 March 2016
View news from Spain Cattle, Beef Production in Spain Rebounded in 2015
SPAIN - Spain’s cattle and beef production showed a rebound in production in 2015 after several years following a downward trend, according to a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS)....
27 October 2015
View news from Spain Ecological Role of Cattle Migration Recognised in Spain
SPAIN - Spain's Secretary General of Agriculture and Food, Carlos Cabanas has highlighted the role of livestock transhumance in conserving landscapes....
23 July 2015
View news from Spain Spain, Algeria Reinforce Cooperation on Agriculture, Fisheries
SPAIN - The Spanish and Algerian governments have signed two agreements to improve their collaboration over agriculture and fisheries....
17 June 2015
View news from Spain North and East Spain Free of Bluetongue Serotype One
SPAIN – Spanish livestock farms in northern and eastern Spain have been officially declared free of Bluetongue, leaving an infected area to the south west....
28 May 2015
View news from Spain Spanish Farmers Responsible for Bluetongue Vaccinations
SPAIN – A regional vaccination programme to quell the spread of Bluetongue virus has placed the onus firmly on farmers to vaccinate their livestock....
20 May 2015
View news from Spain Livestock Animal Size Increased Since Roman Era
SPAIN - Livestock has grown over the centuries as production methods and landscapes have evolved, according to research from the University of the Basque Country....
27 April 2015
View news from Spain Environmental Pasture Management Yields More Grass
SPAIN - Regenerative management practices to improve soil health and plant diversity could also lead to up to 14 per cent improvements in grass yield....
05 March 2015
View news from Spain Surprise Flood Ruins 45,000 Hectares of Spanish Farmland
SPAIN – Floods in northern Spain have caused widespread destruction to crop and livestock farms totalling €50 million after continuous rain combined with an early thaw....
27 January 2015
View news from Spain Spanish Farmer Outcry over Oil and Fertiliser 'Paradox'
SPAIN – Spanish producers are questioning more expensive fertiliser given the fact that fuel is cheaper, highlighting a 46 per cent crude oil price drop last year....
24 December 2014
View news from Spain Integration of CReSA into IRTA
SPAIN - On 16 December, the government approved the integration of the Centre for Animal Health Research (CReSA) Foundation into the Institute for Agri-Food Research and Technology (IRTA) from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishery, Food, and...
19 November 2014
View news from Spain Southern Spain Bluetongue Restrictions Extended
SPAIN - The restriction zone imposed by Spanish authorities to manage the Bluetongue outbreak in southern Spain has been extended....
10 November 2014
View news from Spain Spanish Bluetongue Identified as Two Strains
SPAIN – Spain is battling two strains of Bluetongue, both notified elsewhere in Europe earlier this year. ...
04 November 2014
View news from Spain Cadiz Bluetongue Confirmed as Serotype One
SPAIN – The Spanish government has officially confirmed an outbreak of Bluetongue virus for the southern region of Cadiz as serotype one....
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