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06 December 2013
View news from Bolivia Foot and Mouth Treatments Given Two Week Extension
BOLIVIA – National foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccinations have been extended until 15 December, the National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Association has announced....
07 November 2013
View news from Bolivia Two Illegally Butchered Cattle Found in Food Safety Scandal
BOLIVIA – Two illegally butchered beef carcasses have been seized and destroyed by the National Association for Agriculture and Food Safety (SENASAG) after check point inspectors investigated the boot of a truck....
24 October 2013
View news from Bolivia Beef Upturn Driven By Santa Cruz and Cochambamba
BOLIVIA – A marked increase in beef output in the Santa Cruz and Cochambamba regions has led to overall Bolivian beef output increasing for the country as a whole....
03 September 2013
View news from Bolivia FMD Blood Tests Begin for Upland Farmers
BOLIVIA – Animal health authorities have begun serological testing for Foot and Mouth Disease in the Patacamaya community....
29 August 2013
View news from Bolivia Serological Study Announced as Part of FMD Measures
BOLIVIA – A serological study has commenced to gauge foot and mouth disease presence and spread across the bolivian highlands, a district health officer has announced....
04 June 2013
View news from Bolivia Bolivian Cattle Clear of FMD In Over 50 Municipalities
BOLIVIA – Cattle farmers have received good news following a meeting of the World Organisation for Animal Health which ruled 50 Bolivian municipalities free of foot and mouth disease (FMD) including the areas of Chuquisaca, Potosi and Tarija....
14 May 2013
View news from Bolivia Mercosur Inspections Asses Cattle Health and Border Control
BOLIVIA – A team of animal health technicians are visiting local animal health offices in the Brazil/Bolivia borders to assess foot and mouth risk, bio-security hazards and protocols....
09 May 2013
View news from Bolivia SENESAG Makes Vaccination Appeal
BOLIVIA – If cattle health targets are to be met, Foot and Mouth Disease vaccination coverage must increase to 95 per cent of the national herd....
22 April 2013
View news from Bolivia Foot and Mouth Vaccinations Reported as Great Success
BOLIVIA – National vaccination Foot and Mouth targets have been smashed with figures in some provinces reported as being 123 per cent....
26 March 2013
View news from Bolivia Government Hail FMD Programme as Success So Far
BOLIVIA – The National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (SENASAG) has celebrated its success in fighting Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) with the World Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) receiving plaudits for their work in cooperation...
21 March 2013
View news from Bolivia Farmers to Receive Cattle, Equipment and Training Grants
BOLIVIA – Equipment, training and livestock will be available to farming families following the confirmation of 900,000 bolivianos of investment as part of a national dairy policy aimed at improving sector profitability and productivity. ...
30 November 2012
View news from Bolivia Rural Community Commits to FMD Vaccination
BOLIVIA - Farmers in the Cochamba area are participating in a government vaccination scheme to combat Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). ...
13 January 2012
View news from Bolivia Bolivia Tightens Border Controls with Paraguay
BOLIVIA - Bolivia's animal health authorities have decided to increase the level of control on the border with Paraguay, fearing that Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) may spread across Paraguay's boarder....
12 March 2007
View news from Bolivia S American nations agree joint policy to fight foot-and-mouth
LIMA - Agriculture ministers from six South American nations have agreed on a joint policy for improved cooperation in eliminating foot-and-mouth disease in the region, the Bolivian News Agency reported Friday...
06 February 2007
View news from Bolivia Mercosur helps Bolivia combat FAM outbreaks
BOLIVIA - Several Mercosur members have offered Bolivia to “unite efforts” and help control “as soon as possible” the outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Bolivia declared last week a “state of emergency” following the confirmation of outbreaks...
29 January 2007
View news from Bolivia FMD in Bolivia restricts beef exports
BOLIVIA - Bolivia has restricted its beef exports to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia because of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, local media report Sunday. ...

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