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15 August 2020
University of Edinburgh hopes to develop trypanosomiasis test
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute are developing new methods to tackle trypanosomiasis, a parasitic infection that kills millions of cattle each year....
14 August 2020
Multiple meat plants in Argentina suspend exports to China over coronavirus fears
Seven Argentine meat processing plants are temporarily halting exports to China due to registered cases of COVID-19 among meat plant workers....
08 August 2020
APHIS needs information on sources for disease test kits
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has released a sources sought notice in hopes of gathering information on the supplies of test kits for major livestock diseases. ...
06 August 2020
India’s doctors call for stricter meat industry rules to prevent future pandemics
In a letter sent to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, 100 doctors associated with the WHO One Health initiative seek a ban on wet markets and closures of abattoirs that do not follow safety guidelines....
05 August 2020
Australia pledges $1.8 million for Q fever vaccine research
Australia's National Farmers' Federation welcomes government announcement of $1.8 million for trials of an updated Q fever vaccine. ...
03 August 2020
Ecological Control of Pasture Flies
Farmers that raise animals know that June is when flies start to be a nuisance, and by July, if a control program is not in place, production losses occur. The information from this pasture walk will help farmers put a fly control program into place....
Purdue University developing rapid sensor tech for BRD in cattle
Bovine respiratory disease (BRD), one of the most prevalent and costly illnesses in the beef and dairy industries, accounts for about half of all feedlot deaths in North America and costs producers as much as $900 million a year. Quickly diagnosing the...
31 July 2020
China orders regular COVID-19 tests at wholesale markets
China has asked local authorities to carry out regular coronavirus tests at wholesale markets as part of a holistic strategy to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic....
29 July 2020
UK vets turn to behavioural science to curb bovine TB
A new report issued by the British Veterinary Association sets out a new approach to tackle bovine TB. ...
24 July 2020
UK Government greenlights field trials for bovine TB vaccine
The field trials are the culmination of 20 years of research by government scientists in the UK....
Pirbright scientists shed new light on FMD virus evolution
New research from The Pirbright Institute has shown that different populations of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) swap sections of genetic material at a far higher rate than originally thought. ...
15 July 2020
New e-learning course: epidemiology for non-epidemiologists
The news is being flooded with perhaps unfamiliar epidemiological terms and concepts in coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic....
14 July 2020
Chinese meat imports up over 70 percent
According to data from Chinese customs authorities, the country imported 4.75 million tonnes of meat, including offal, in the first six months of the year....
Report details pandemic losses to California farms, ranches
Pandemic-related losses to California farms, ranches and agricultural businesses will range between $5.9 billion and $8.6 billion this year, according to an economic study....
09 July 2020
Control to Crypto: new animation from Moredun Institute
The Moredun Institute has created a new informative animation on how to effectively manage and control cryptosporidium on-farm. ...
Brazil investigates COVID-19 outbreaks in 10 meat plants in Mato Grosso
Brazilian labour prosecutors are probing COVID-19 outbreaks in at least 10 meat processing plants across Mato Grosso state....
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