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29 June 2022
Compensate farmers to tackle deforestation, says Dreyfus Brazil CEO
Cleared land is often used for livestock, soybean production...
27 June 2022
Efficiently feeding hay to cattle
Whether there is an excess of hay or a shortage in your system, efficiently feeding your hay can drastically affect the success of your operation....
24 June 2022
23 June 2022
US start-up raises $7 mln to reduce livestock methane emissions
Symbrosia has produced a seaweed feed additive ...
Dutch government initiates strategy to reduce nitrogen emissions
Emission reductions need to reach between 12 and 70% ...
22 June 2022
Dutch farmers protest government's strict nitrogen rules
Farmers are expected to reduce livestock numbers by 30%...
17 June 2022
Livestock methane reduction targets reachable by 2030 - WUR
Existing strategies must be diligently applied though...
16 June 2022
US researchers find steam-flaked corn reduces enteric methane emissions
Enteric methane emissions can be reduced by 21%...
15 June 2022
ManuREsource showcases latest manure processing technologies
A new EU fertiliser regulation comes into force 16 July...
14 June 2022
Dutch government sets targets to cut nitrogen pollution
Farmers to protest a proposed 30% reduction in livestock numbers...
09 June 2022
JBS launches forest fire taskforce to protect Brazilian Pantanal
The investment will protect 2.5 million hectares...
08 June 2022
New Zealand to price sheep, cow emissions
It would be the first country to make farmers pay for emissions...
Managing high feed costs
Feed costs increased dramatically last year, and the US futures markets indicate they will remain high throughout 2022. ...
02 June 2022
New global fund invests in nature to fight climate change
Forests are often cut down to produce soy, beef and palm oil...
28 May 2022
German govt seeks balance between grains, biodiversity
Berlin's new green government is pushing back...
24 May 2022
Billionaire Styers bankrolls regenerative farming firm Regrow Ag
The firm aims to drive switch to regenerative farming...
12 May 2022
KSU virtual fencing research aims to advance cattle ranch conservation
Virtual fencing uses GPS tracking to keep cattle out of protected areas...
08 May 2022
Amazon deforestation in Brazil hits April record
Deforestation nearly double previous peak...
02 May 2022
Satellites detect California methane emissions from space
Data firm says emissions are coming from a feedlot...
01 May 2022
How Africa could reverse land degradation
If 35% of global land is restored, crop yields could increase by 10% by 2050...
25 April 2022
US highlights researchers working to reduce methane emissions
Researchers are evaluating different seaweed species ...
23 April 2022
US farmers and ranchers lead on sustainability - report
Animal Agriculture Alliance releases updated Sustainability Impact Report...
21 April 2022
Arla Foods, DSM begin large-scale on-farm pilot to reduce GHG emissions
The pilot program will begin in the the summer and fall of 2022...
10 April 2022
Increased use of non-GM feed could increase GHG, food prices - research
The result could be higher prices for meat, milk and eggs...
06 April 2022
05 April 2022
Wageningen: BovaerĀ® is first EU additive to reduce methane emissions from dairy cows
Methane inhibitor BovaerĀ® from DSM significantly reduces methane emissions from dairy cows in the Netherlands, varying from 27% to 40% less emissions per cow, depending on the cow's ration and how much methane inhibitor is added to the feed. ...
28 March 2022
GRSB's new Beef Carbon Footprint Guideline to support consistency global emissions reporting
The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) Scientific Advisory Council launched the Beef Carbon Footprint Guideline to allow for sector-wide consistency in the calculation of the carbon footprint of beef cattle....
17 March 2022
Tyson Foods plants receive NAMI's environmental awards
Tyson Foods announced that 44 of its plants have been recognized by the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) for their positive environmental impact. ...
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