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12 January 2017
Grasslands Hold Potential for Increased Food Production
GLOBAL - About 40 per cent of natural grasslands worldwide have potential to support increased livestock grazing, according to a new study published in the journal "Global Change Biology". ...
27 October 2016
Diagnosing and Controlling Johne’s Disease in Beef, Dairy Herds
GLOBAL - Johne’s disease, caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), affects dairy and beef cattle and can cause a range of symptoms including diarrhea, wasting and a dramatic drop in (milk) yield. ...
17 October 2016
GRSB Conference Continues Sustainable Beef Conversation
ANALYSIS - Nearly 225 beef value chain stakeholders from 15 countries around the world participated in seminars and moderated discussions focused on advocating for continuous improvement in the global beef value chain during the 2016 Global Conference...
30 September 2016
Economic Contribution of Export Trade of US Grain
US - Exports of grain and grain products generated $74.7 billion in annual economic output and added $82 billion in value to the United States’ economy in 2014, according to an Informa Economics IEG study commissioned by the US Grains Council. ...
12 July 2016
Watch Out for Lead Poisoning in Cattle
ANALYSIS - The Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory diagnoses many kinds of illnesses throughout a given year, but the one witnessed frequently this past spring in cattle was lead poisoning....
08 June 2016
Farmers Signed Up to Project to Select Beef Cattle for Feed Efficiency
UK - The AHDB and DEFRA-funded Beef Feed Efficiency programme has reached a significant milestone by contracting two commercial farms to record feed efficiency traits....
05 April 2016
Soil Testing Essential to Kick-Start Pasture Improvement
US - Producers thinking about pasture improvement should start by testing the soil, says Jim Camberato, Purdue Extension soil fertility specialist....
22 February 2016
Robot Hill Farmer Starts Weeding Trials in Peak District
UK - A new robot, which will drive itself around steep grassland dairy and sheep farms identifying and destroying weeds, has begun fully autonomous trials in the Peak District....
12 February 2016
Welfare Research Can Influence Change, Lead to On-farm Solutions
ANALYSIS - Collaborating with industry partners, FAI Farms develops research programs that influence welfare and sustainability change in the livestock industry. ...
02 February 2016
South African Drought: No Relief in Sight
SOUTH AFRICA - In spite of wide spread rain over many parts of the drought-stricken summer rainfall area of South Africa, chances remain low that the impact of drought will soon be broken. Glenneis Kriel reports....
01 February 2016
Economic Cost of NZ Pasture Weeds Larger Than Thought
NEW ZEALAND - New research shows the true cost of California thistle to be close to $700 million in lost pastoral farm revenue each year and also suggests that previous estimates of the cost of other agricultural weeds has been significantly underestimated....
14 January 2016
Reducing Competition Between Livestock and Humans for Food
ANALYSIS - Reducing the amount of animal feed grown on crop land could have a positive effect on the availability of food and have a positive environmental impact by cutting greenhouse gas emissions....
11 January 2016
El Niño Impacts to Hit NZ Farmers for Months
NEW ZEALAND - Recent rain has been a welcome respite from ongoing dry weather conditions in much of the country, but farmers in drought-affected parts of New Zealand will continue to feel the impacts of El Niño for months, as New Zealand's weather science...
06 January 2016
What's the Biggest Challenge for Sustainable Beef?
ANALYSIS - The biggest challenge for sustainable beef is taking practical applications to the grass-roots level, said Karl Williams, Operations Director at FAI Farms UK....
31 December 2015
Home for the Holidays – A US Family Farm
ANALYSIS – This week my family and I left the suburbs of Chicago to head home for the holidays, and I thought you might like to hear about my family farm. ...
21 December 2015
FAI Farms: Practicing Sustainable Farming for 10+ Years
ANALYSIS - One commercial farming operation in the UK doesn't just think about sustainability as a hot topic that will come and go - it's been working to develop sustainable farming practices for more than 10 years. ...
10 December 2015
NZ Farmers Urged to Help Each Other in Dry El Niño Weather
NEW ZEALAND - Farming organisation Federated Farmers is encouraging drought affected farmers struggling due to the dry El Niño weather pattern to continue destocking as necessary, and to think further afield....
25 November 2015
GRSB: Regional Indicators Will Drive Sustainable Beef Progress
ANALYSIS – The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) recently met in Amsterdam with 75 members from across the food chain representing 28 organisations with the key objective of working groups reporting back and sharing progress to-date....
13 November 2015
Weather: El Niño’s Global Impact, US November Outlook
ANALYSIS - El Niño is expected to peak in December, according to the US' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)....
05 November 2015
Cattle Producer Says US Has Begun Most Rapid Expansion Ever Seen
ANALYSIS - Sharing expectations for prices moving into 2016, Missouri cattle producer Wayne Vanderwert says cattle prices have been extremely high due to lower cow numbers because of the drought and the cattle cycle. ...
21 October 2015
The Scoop on Poop – Why Manure Matters
ANALYSIS - For years, livestock farmers have used manure as a fertiliser, soil amendment, energy source and even construction material....
09 October 2015
Cattle Dilemma: To Background or Not to Background?
US - An ever-growing set of online resources is available to beef producers gauging the prospects of running cattle between weaning and the feedlot....
28 September 2015
Wetland Improvements Benefit More than Livestock
SCOTLAND – Soil improvements are allowing Caithness and Strathspey livestock farmers to become much more than simply guardians of their sheep and cattle....
18 September 2015
Scientists Strive to Con Protective Shell off Parasites
NEW ZEALAND – A new foray into parasite control will see New Zealand researchers try to stimulate larvae into shedding their protective skin to then die before becoming ingested....
07 September 2015
Ranchers Welcome Overturning of “Unjust” Wild Bird Rule
US – Preservation orders on a wild bird have been lifted by Texan authorities in a move applauded by ranchers. ...
27 August 2015
UAVs Are Not Just for Crop Farmers
US - Brett Haas, co-owner of Crop Copter, said while they started their UAV company with crop farmers in mind, they see a lot of interest and application for livestock farmers. ...
20 August 2015
US Ranchers Blame Government for Catastrophic Wildfires
US - A spate of wildfires engulfing hundreds of thousands of rangeland acres is the government's fault, says the US cattle industry's leading body....
19 August 2015
Drought and Weak Dollar Double Australian Cattle Cash
AUSTRALIA – Weather and economics have seen Australian cattle farm incomes double over the last twelve months as farmers have sold more cattle for more money....
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