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05 June 2020
Australia gives extra supports to farmers facing biosecurity threats from trespassers
The Victorian Government will continue to back farmers and protect biosecurity with strict enforcement of on-the-spot fines for those caught trespassing onto farms in the name of animal activism....
29 May 2020
UK farm vets urge Lords to reject Agriculture Bill
Farm animal vets push for a "once-in-a-generation opportunity" in an open letter to the House of Lords that urges them to reject the Agriculture Bill and return it to the House of Commons. ...
19 May 2020
How to transport calves without trouble
The transported calf is subject to a series of stresses, stresses that would even greatly challenge a mature immune system....
14 May 2020
RSPCA hails result of "historic" Commons vote for UK Agriculture Bill
MPs have voted for improvements for animal welfare, but the RSPCA remains concerned that key protections for animal welfare are left out. ...
13 May 2020
NFU calls for MPs to advocate for food and farming in Agriculture Bill debate
The UK's NFU has convened a sweeping coalition of farming, environmental and animal welfare organisations to write to all 650 MPs to urge them to ensure the new Agriculture Bill includes vital safeguards for food safety, animal welfare and environmental...
06 May 2020
UK vets welcome "pragmatic" bovine TB testing strategy amid pandemic
The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has welcomed temporary amendments to bovine TB (TB) testing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that will allow herd tests to continue while maintaining the safety of farmers and vets during the Covid-19 pandemic....
05 May 2020
US politicians call for a stop of mass suffocation of animals at slaughterhouses
Members of Congress urge Secretary Perdue to stop mass suffocation and prolonged animal deaths at US slaughterhouses. ...
04 May 2020
Greenpeace calls for EU to scrap the CAP
Greenpeace calls for a new farm subsidy system for post-coronavirus Europe....
03 May 2020
Cryptosporidiosis in calves leads to longer term production losses
A disease in calves caused by the protozoan parasite Cryptosporidium parvum, has been shown to result in significant longer term weight loss and appreciable economic impact for farmers, highlighting the importance of developing a vaccine....
30 April 2020
AWI puts JBS and Smithfield in the crosshairs
As reports of coronavirus outbreaks at the US's biggest meat processors continue, new analysis of government documents by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) finds that JBS USA and Smithfield foods have sub-standard animal welfare records. ...
28 April 2020
The UK's TB response during coronavirus
The Ulster Farmers' Union union has responded to members'queries during COVID-19. ...
17 April 2020
Red Tractor trials streamed audits to shore up UK's farm supply chain
Red Tractor plans to roll out live streamed farm audits to allow new applicants to be assessed and current members to retain their assurance status through COVID-19. ...
Gene edited cattle: are we there yet?
As gene editing technology advances, the possibility of genetically modified beef and dairy cattle is closer than ever. Where is the cattle industry now, and how do we ensure consumer and environmental safety as the technology becomes more widespread?...
06 April 2020
Delving into “less and better” meat
When talking about sustainable meat, we often hear the phrase “less and better” as the guiding principle – but what does that mean in reality?...
04 April 2020
Farmers urged to prepare plan B
Farming consultants have created an emergency document to help farmers plan ahead in case they fall ill during the coronavirus pandemic. ...
02 April 2020
Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare released
The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), the leading global measure of policy commitment, performance and disclosure on animal welfare in food companies, has launched its eighth annual report today revealing that two of the six companies...
30 March 2020
28 March 2020
Vet groups and charities work together to continue care and support veterinary teams and clients during coronavirus
Veterinary groups and animal welfare charities have joined together to help ensure the UK’s animals are cared for during the coronavirus pandemic....
27 March 2020
Identifying lameness in cattle – what works, what doesn’t and what farmers should aim for
New technologies like cow-attached accelerometers could improve lameness detection and management, but underlying issues in analytics and algorithms could prevent farmers from adopting the new systems....
24 March 2020
EU border delays put mounting pressure on meat trade
As the EU mulls possible slaughterhouse shutdowns and staffing issues as the coronavirus pandemic worsens, advocates call for restrictions on live exports....
13 March 2020
Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme (SUCKLERS) open for applications
IRELAND - The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine informed farmers and advisors that the application process for the Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme (BEEP (SUCKLERS)) for 2020 opened yesterday, (Thursday, 12 March)....
11 March 2020
UK loses "A" grade in global test of animal welfare leadership
The UK has dropped a grade in the global assessment of countries’ records on animal welfare due to Brexit parliamentary delays which have held up planned laws such as animal sentience and export regulation....
04 March 2020
Safeguarding standards in an uncertain future
Climate-friendly farming will be a huge component of the UK’s free trade posture after Brexit, but lack of government leadership could permanently weaken the agriculture sector....
27 February 2020
Flooding, food standards and environmental land management – Defra Minister George Eustice addresses the UK’s NFU Conference
The NFU Conference political session, held on 26 February, gave recently appointed Defra Minister George Eustice an opportunity to share his vision for the future of UK farming. ...
25 February 2020
London School of Economics votes to take beef off menu
In a move to tackle climate change, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has voted to implement a ban on beef across campus. The student activist whose initiative prompted the decision is 20-year-old PETA campus rep Phoebe Woodruff...
24 February 2020
Unhappy cow? A closer look at cow personalities as they mature
A recent study has documented noticeable personality changes in Holstein cows when they undergo puberty, but the media buzz may be overblown....
20 February 2020
Hawaii announces new rules that protect farm animals transported by sea
After the deaths of 21 pregnant cows on a barge travelling from Oahu to Kauai, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) formally commits to new welfare regulations. ...
17 February 2020
New study suggests that cows fed on spent grain release less methane
Emerging research from Belgium indicates that cows fed spent grains produced while brewing beer produce 13 percent less methane....
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