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Grass Research to Be Put into Practice in Devon

27 March 2013

UK - Reducing farm costs through reseeding and and sward management techniques is on the agenda at a British Grassland Society/DairyCo farm walk in Devon next month.

Reseeding strategies and maximising milk production from grazed grass is top priority on Rob Tavener's 250 cow Devonshire farm where he runs Danish Red-Friesian crossbreds.

The day will commence with a visit to see some recently reseeded swards. Historically Rob has ploughed fields prior to reseeding however ploughing can significantly disturb the existing soil structure.

Following last year's difficult weather conditions, Rob is investigating a number of reseeding options that will allow him to improve soil structure whilst ensuring good sward establishment.

British Grassland Society Director, Lois Philipps will be on hand to explain the different aspects of soil management at reseeding and discuss the pros and cons of different reseeding strategies.

Choosing the correct grass varieties is also key to establishing productive grass swards and there will be the opportunity to visit grass variety trial plots on Rob's farm.

Rob has sown five various varieties and mixtures to test which varieties suit his system and he is currently monitoring sward performance on each of these plots.

Charlie Morgan, grass varieties expert, will talk through the importance of variety selection and why it pays to spend a little more time adapting a mixture to your system.

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