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OCA: Market Roundup, Monday

05 February 2013

CANADA –Summarised from Ontario Cattlemen’s Association Market Reports this is the cattlesite roundup of Canadian beef and cattle trading for Monday 4 February. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

Railgrade beef values stayed unchanged on last week with A grade consignments achieving 203.00-207.00 $/cwt and 202.00-206.00 c/cwt for steers and heifers respectively.

Ontario Live Trade

Veal throughput at Ontario Stockyards Inc. was 85 which sold on a steady market. Calves 600lbs+ ranged 83.5-105.00, topping at 123.00 $/cwt.

Light veal calves ranged 84.50-92.50 peaking at 95.00 c /cwt.

Kawartha Lakes Co-op Auction Market sold 208 cows. The cull cow market was aggressive with prices $4.00 cwt higher with strong buyer interest. Other classes traded actively. Cows topped $122.50/cwt averaging $71.11 with heavy bulls peaking at 91.14 ranging from 81.50-107.00. Light bulls (1600lb and under) averaged 85.85.

Cull prices are holding around the 2012 average and are $10/cwt up on 2011 at 65lbs+. This shows recovery from a lull in the new year when it dipped to $60.00/cwt.

Brussels Livestock Stocker sale collected 950 receipts. Heavy steers (1000lbs+) ranged from 106.00-123.50 and heifers (900lbs+) fetched 112.50-120.75.

Steers 500-700lbs averaged 500-599# $153.28, 600-699# $133.00. Heifers values averaged 500-599# $134.60, 600-699# $125.82.

Kawartha Lakes sold 93 stockers slightly lower for steers at: 500-599# $127.38, 600-699# $110.66 and heifers for 500-599# $106.65, 600-699# $114.00.

Live Cattle Exports

Ontario exported 5,206 live cattle for week ending January 19: Cows 4,075 Steers and Heifers 591 Bulls 540 with all categories increasing on the week before.

Average carcass weight for Candada were confirmed for the January 26 and 28 as: Steers 884,869 and Heifer 816,812.

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