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Anti-Meat Message Reaching New Levels

23 January 2013

US – Meat for food has taken more criticism recently as meat-free vegetarian organisations continue to push for the introduction of meatless meals and engages with state legislature.

Reacting to anti-meat sentiments the Animal Agriculture Alliance has hit out at the popular culinary personality, Gladia De Laurentis for an episode she hosted entitled, “Meatless Mondays”. billed the programme as cooking in such a way for ‘health’ and ‘environmental’ benefits.

Animal Agriculture Alliance President and CEO Kay Johnson Smith, said: “We are disappointed that a chef as popular as Ms. De Laurentis would lend her name to a movement funded and supported by radical animal rights activists.”

“We believe in consumer choice when it comes to selecting one’s meal choices, but this particular campaign is based on misleading and false information which is a disservice to America’s hard working farm families, as well as consumers.”

A further anti-meat campaign striving to officially call the last week of April‘VegWeek’ was unanimously defeated in the Virginia House Rules Committee. Draft number HJR 567 shows the intent of animal rights groups to engage at legislative levels, explained Mr Smith.

"It is important that consumers understand the true agenda of campaigns such as these and do their own homework so they can make informed decisions that meet their values, as well as their nutritional needs.”

To learn more about the myths and facts of the Meatless Mondays movement and for a comprehensive resource guide, visit the Animal Agriculture Alliance website.

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