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S Korea Says FMD Costs Near $2.7 Bln

25 March 2011

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea, battling against its worst ever outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease said on Thursday that the crisis has cost nearly 3 trillion won (S$3.42 billion) so far.

Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik also said in a statement that the government would lower its disease alert to "watch" from "seriousness", noting the cases were waning, while stepping up quarantines at borders including airports to block the potential entry of any virus.

In the past four months, Asia's fourth-largest economy has culled a third of its hog population and five per cent of cattle in a bid to stop the disease. It has also vaccinated animals.

"The government will make a routine to vaccinate cows and pigs to prevent foot-and-mouth disease outbreak," Prime Minister Kim said.

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Source: Asiaone


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