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New E.Coli Vaccine

22 October 2009

CANANDA - A new cattle vaccine created by University of Saskatchewan graduate student David Asper could protect humans from harmful bacteria.

The vaccine which has been created by Mr Asper, builds on research undertaken by his supervisor Andrew Potter, director of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organisation-International Vaccine Centre.

The E.coli O157 vaccine prevents the bacteria from attaching to the animal's intestines and from colonising, cutting the disease off at the source.

It is the first of its kind worldwide and is expected to significantly reduce the amount of E.coli O157 present in food products and also in the environment, said Mr Potter.

Just as the E. coli O157 cattle vaccine will be a significant tool for use by beef and dairy producers to mitigate human infection risk, Mr Asper’s vaccine could also lessen financial losses to meat producers. The work is expected to be published shortly.

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