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Processors Missing Out on Fifth Quarter Market

09 September 2009

UK - Beef processors in the UK are missing out on a potential £95 million income boost by failing to tuck in to the fifth quarter export market, EBLEX has warned.

Developing the offal processing capabilities in abattoirs will help expand the capacity for exporting parts of the animals for which there is little or no domestic market and enable producers and processors to improve productivity.

EBLEX is hosting a seminar on 16 September to highlight the opportunities available in exporting offal to markets in the Far East, with the aim of promoting discussion on the topic to drive development at processing facilities.

“There is an estimated £95 million to be gained in adding value to the bovine fifth quarter in the UK,” said Jean Pierre Garnier, Export Manager for EBLEX.

“This seminar is part of a continuing development programme that started in 2006 when we resumed beef exports. Current sales of bovine offal are encouraging but still lag behind what has been achieved in the pork and poultry sectors.”

He added that there was also significant potential for the sheep offal.

EBLEX is planning the publication of a new offal specifications guide for the Far East this autumn.

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