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Is more better? Amounts and frequency of milk replacer fed to calves under heat stress
New study in the Journal of Dairy Science examines optimal feeding strategies for dairy calves raised in warm...
Progressive limit feeding can impact profitability
Beef cattle producers could see greater profits in the finishing period with progressive limit feeding, according...
Mineral and Vitamin Considerations When Drylotting Cows
Managing cows in a drylot can be a way to maintain the herd when forage production is reduced due to drought...
Upgrade your grazing: Science leads to better alfalfa
At its core, basic science is a never-ending quest to uncover how the universe works. It all starts with a...
Why are my cattle bloating?
Bloat can have a significant economic impact on an operation due to animal deaths or the following treatments...
Phosphorous supplementation aids high cattle returns
Tara Station, near Cloncurry, has been in Dan Lynch’s family for generations. Tara is a 14,000ha property...



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