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Fort Dodge Provides Vaccine in Jersey

23 April 2009

GENERAL - Fort Dodge Animal Health has provided its ZulvacĀ® 1 vaccine against Serotype 1 Bluetongue (BTV-1) in cattle and sheep to vets in Jersey under the terms of a Special Export Licence from the French Government.

Zulvac 1 is currently awaiting its UK licence.

Fort Dodge was the first company to be appointed by the French authorities to supply a Serotype 1 vaccine and it has been used extensively to combat the major problem posed by this variant of Bluetongue in France.

As no company has yet been licensed to provide a Serotype 1 vaccine in the UK, Fort Dodge has stepped in to support farmers in Jersey who face a serious threat from Bluetongue Serotype 1 because of their proximity to France.

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Source: Stackyard


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