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France Gets Set for Bluetongue

06 February 2009

FRANCE - The French Agriculture Ministry has reported that it has enough blue tongue vaccine stock to treat 2.5 million cattle and 2.3 million small ruminants.

The ministry said that the winter months has allowed them to ease the restrictions on the movement of animals between regulated zones.

The ministry said it expects to see an increase in bluetongue activity from March and to prevent the spread of bluetongue serotype 1 into zones that have so far not been affected the authorities will placing movement restrictions in two zones from 1 February.

The restrictions will only be lifted when the vaccination programmes has been completed and it is considered that the region had reached a proper level of protection.

The ministry has called on vets and farmers to ensure a full protection by 30 April.

The Minister Michel Bernier said that any vaccine not used, will be the reallocated to the most vulnerable zone 1-8.


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