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Bluetongue Carrier Midge Appears to Prefer Cattle

22 February 2008

UK - Updating the situation regarding bluetongue, Roger Daniels, from the Veterinary Laboratories Agency in Carmarthen, said there was some indication – though not to be taken for certain – that there was less likelihood of finding the virus-carrying Culicoides midges in mountainous and hill areas.
It also appeared the midge preferred cattle to sheep, there being a larger skin surface area and no wool to act as a barrier.

The incubation period was six to nine days, with the clinical signs in sheep being a fever with a temperature of up to 42 degs C, conjunctivitis, dribbling saliva, lameness and abortion.

Some cases, however, could have difficult to detect sub-clinical symptoms.

The signs in cattle were very much similar to sheep, with dairy cows producing less milk and the presence of teat lesions.

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Source: Farmers Guardian


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