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Bluetongue Zone Gets Bigger: FMD Restrictions Eased

18 October 2007

UK - Hours after the Government freed much of Great Britain from foot-and-mouth movement restrictions yesterday, the Bluetongue Protection Zone gobbled up another huge part of England.

A collective sigh of relief was quickly followed by a gasp of exasperation in the livestock community.

On a positive note, foot-and-mouth movement restrictions in Wales, Scotland and all parts of England outside of the 200km foot-and-mouth risk area were lifted on Wednesday.

The move was announced after no further cases had been confirmed since the last outbreak on September 30 and after Defra vets said the risk of spread of the disease outside of the Surrey area was ‘very low’.

Executive secretary of the Livestock Auctioneers’ Association, Chris Dodds said: “Going back towards the way we were before foot-and-mouth is good news for farmers.

“Moving back to six days is good, the 20-day standstill rule has been totally unsustainable.”

National Beef Association chairman Duff Burrell said: “This is very good news for industry and our attention now must turn to reducing the 200km foot-and-mouth zone and to free as many farmers from restriction as possible.”

However, on the day the restrictions were eased, two new cases of bluetongue were confirmed outside of the original Control Zone around Ipswich.

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Source: FarmersGuardian


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