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14 March 2016
View news from United Kingdom Managing Cows According to Condition Score Can Improve Profitability
UK - Managing suckler cows according to their condition score can have a huge impact on herd output and profitability, according to Dr Basil Lowman, Beef Specialist with SAC Consulting, a division of SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College)....
08 March 2016
View news from Australia Australian Cattle on Feed at Record Levels
ANALYSIS - Cattle in Australian feedlots reached record levels in the final quarter of 2015 with 997,765 head on feed, with the increase driven by more cattle in the large NSW feedlots, which offset a small decline in Queensland....
07 March 2016
View news from European Union Assessing the Environmental Impact of Meat Production
EU – A new European project is being established to map, understand and reduce the environmental impact of packed fresh meat from beef, pork and lamb....
04 March 2016
View news from United Kingdom New Inspection Reporting to Improve Livestock Health
UK - The British meat and livestock sector is to establish new systems and protocols for reporting abattoir meat inspection results along the food chain....
01 March 2016
View news from United Kingdom Would British Farmers be Better Supported Outside the EU?
UK - British farmers could receive a basic grant of £90 per acre to replace the subsidies in the Common Agricultural Policy if the UK votes to leave the EU in June....
29 February 2016
View news from United States EU Won't Compromise on Antibiotics and Hormones in US Trade Talks
EU - The EU will not compromise on it block on imports of beef raised with the use of hormones and it will stand firm to maintain geographical location on products in negotiations with the US and other countries for free trade agreements....
26 February 2016
View news from South Africa Beef Contract Helps to Minimise Price Risk
SOUTH AFRICA - The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa has recently launched a “Beef Carcass” Futures Contract. Dr Raphael Karuaihe, commodity derivatives manager at the JSE, and Lardus van Zyl, chairperson of the Red Meat Producers...
25 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom EU Exit for UK Would Be "Leap Into The Dark"
UK - At a time of severe price volatility and global market uncertainty it would be wrong to leave the European Union, the UK's Environment Secretary Liz Truss told the National Farmers Conference in Birmingham....
24 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom Badger Cull Expansion Measures Against Bovine TB Applauded
UK - Half of England is expected to be declared free of bovine TB by 2019....
23 February 2016
View news from Global CattleFax: Expectations for Global Beef Trade
ANALYSIS - CattleFax analysts predicted $294 per head added value for US cattle producers from exports for 2016 – a $66 drop per head from 2014 values....
19 February 2016
View news from United States Freezing Steak Improves Tenderness of Some Cuts, Study Finds
US - Meat lovers may find it appealing to take a fresh steak from the store right to their home grill, but research continues to show that freezing the steak and cooking it later actually improves the tenderness of certain cuts....
18 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom What Factors Will Influence Competitiveness of UK Livestock Markets?
ANALYSIS - The prospects for livestock markets over the next 10 to 20 years will be in the developing and emerging markets....
17 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom What are the Implications of Brexit for UK Food and Agriculture?
ANALYSIS - If the UK votes to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum, the British government would have to renegotiate all its trade deals with both Europe and third countries....
16 February 2016
View news from United States El Niño Continues to Impact 2016 Weather Patterns
ANALYSIS - A two-year El Nino event has bad a strong influence on world weather, according to Art Douglas, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Creighton University, who recently presented the annual weather forecast at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association...
15 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom Roller Coaster Ride for UK Beef Sector
ANALYSIS - The last year has been a roller coaster experience for the UK beef sector – as it has been for the last five years....
12 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom Welfare Research Can Influence Change, Lead to On-farm Solutions
ANALYSIS - Collaborating with industry partners, FAI Farms develops research programs that influence welfare and sustainability change in the livestock industry. ...
10 February 2016
View news from United States NCBA: CattleFax 2016 Industry Update
ANALYSIS - Randy Blach, CattleFax CEO, and the CattleFax analyst team presented their 2016 CattleFax Industry Outlook at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association meeting held recently in San Diego, California, USA. ...
09 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom Busting Myths and Misunderstandings Over Antibiotic Resistance and Regulations
ANALYSIS - Concrete proposals under the review of the European regulations for the use of veterinary medicines are expected to come into effect by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019....
08 February 2016
View news from United States Robust US Beef Expansion Will Slow
US - Nothing like record cattle prices and profitability to get an industry excited about expansion. The latest USDA Cattle report shows a rapid expansion is underway with cattle and calf numbers up three per cent and beef cow numbers up four per cent...
05 February 2016
View news from South Africa Farmers Have to be More Pro-Active in Fight Against Brucellosis
SOUTH AFRICA - Where bovine brucellosis was relatively under control in South Africa around the nineteen-eighties, there has been a steady increase in cases of this bacterial disease over the past ten years. Lax biosecurity measures and failure to vaccinate...
04 February 2016
View news from United Kingdom Two Thirds of Cattle Attacks on People Involve Dogs
UK - Dog owners are being urged to remember to be vigilant with their pets when walking near cows in the countryside, following a new review into cattle attacks by the University of Liverpool....
03 February 2016
View news from United States Cattle Market Shock Nearly Over, Experts Say
US – Insights about the recent market price shocks and potential for future turbulence were discussed with more than 2,000 beef producers at the CattleFax Outlook Session held during the 2016 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show....
02 February 2016
View news from South Africa South African Drought: No Relief in Sight
SOUTH AFRICA - In spite of wide spread rain over many parts of the drought-stricken summer rainfall area of South Africa, chances remain low that the impact of drought will soon be broken. Glenneis Kriel reports....
01 February 2016
View news from European Union European Commission Makes Farm Incomes Priority
ANALYSIS - Farmers’ incomes are to be given top priority this year by the European Commission as it seeks to ensure “a fair return for producers for their products”....
29 January 2016
View news from Global Genetic Diversity of Livestock Will Help Feed a Hotter, Harsher World
GLOBAL - Livestock keepers and policy makers worldwide are increasingly interested in harnessing animal biodiversity to improve production and food security on a warmer, more crowded planet, according to a new FAO report. The agency nonetheless warns...
28 January 2016
View news from United States CoBank Predicts Better Year for Livestock Producers in 2016
ANALYSIS - The supply glut that plagued US beef, pork and poultry markets in 2015 and ratcheted down margins is expected to ease in 2016, according to a new research report from CoBank. ...
27 January 2016
View news from Canada Changes to the Canadian Beef Code Require Pain Control for Cattle
CANADA - As of January 1, changes to the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle require beef producers to provide pain control during painful procedures such as castration and dehorning....
26 January 2016
View news from New Zealand NZ Beef, Lamb Export Shipments Rise, but Returns Down
NEW ZEALAND - The first quarter of the 2015-16 meat export season concluded on 31 December 2015 and analysis by Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Economic Service shows that total red meat (including beef, veal, lamb and mutton) export revenue reached a record...
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