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13 July 2018
View news from Korea, South Korean Consumers Gain Access to Cargill’s Premium, Imported Beef
SOUTH KOREA - Cargill and Seoul-based AG Meat, a specialty import meat distributor are partnering to offer premium US beef brand, Excel®, in a new concept meat store called 'It’s Meat'. At 'It’s Meat', Korean consumers can now purchase high-quality,...
10 April 2018
View news from Korea, South KORUS FTA Causes Major Losses to Korean Red Meat, Soybean Industry
SOUTH KOREA - South Korea’s agriculture, livestock, and seafood industries suffered around one trillion won (about $1 billion) in production losses in the five years after the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) took effect, a report shows....
05 March 2018
View news from Korea, South Data Reveals US Beef Regains No. 1 Place in Korean Imported Beef Market
SOUTH KOREA - US beef imports shot up significantly last year, beating Australian meat to regain its No. 1 status in the Korean market for the first time in 14 years, industry data showed Monday....
02 February 2018
View news from Korea, South Growth of Korea’s Jeju Island Provides Opportunities for US Red Meat
SOUTH KOREA - Sharing new menu trends with restaurants and food-service companies that have set up shop on Korea’s Jeju Island, USMEF conducted a US red meat seminar for more than 70 food distributors and suppliers....
15 January 2018
View news from Korea, South Korean Beef Imports from US Reach Record in 2017
SOUTH KOREA - Korea’s US beef imports surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time ever in the first 11 months of 2017, official government data showed Sunday, fueled by rising consumer demand....
08 January 2018
View news from Korea, South McDonald’s Beef Shortage Takes Burgers Off Menu
SOUTH KOREA - McDonald’s Korea recently halted sales of some beef hamburgers due to a shortage of patties from Australia. ...
19 December 2017
View news from Korea, South Korean Beef Sales Rise Due to Popularity of Premium Beef, E-Mart Reports
SOUTH KOREA - Sales of Korean beef outperformed those of imported beef for the first eleven months this year due to the growing popularity of premium beef products, E-Mart said Tuesday....
20 November 2017
View news from Korea, South US Beef Claims Half of Korean Import Market
SOUTH KOREA - For the first time in 14 years, imports of US beef accounts for more than half of South Korea’s imported beef market on the back of the two countries’ free trade agreement, according to data from the Korea International Trade Association...
17 November 2017
View news from Korea, South Nonghyup to Sell Korean Pork, Beef from Vending Machine
SOUTH KOREA - A South Korean agricultural cooperative is pushing to introduce a vending machine selling livestock products, such as pork and beef, targeting the increasing number of single-person households in the country, industry sources said Friday....
13 November 2017
View news from Korea, South Korea to Lower Sampling Inspections on US beef
SOUTH KOREA - South Korea will reduce sampling inspections carried out on US beef after no unauthorized materials that pose health risks have been found in products over the last five months, the agriculture ministry said Thursday....
04 August 2017
View news from Korea, South US Beef Industry Champions FTA
SOUTH KOREA - The US beef industry urged Washington not to change the free trade agreement with South Korea because it’s been so beneficial to it. ...
24 July 2017
View news from Korea, South Korea Strengthens US Beef Inspections Amid Reignited BSE Fears
SOUTH KOREA - The government said Thursday it has strengthened inspections on US beef imports following the detection of mad cow disease in the United States....
13 July 2017
View news from Korea, South US Processed Pork, Branded Beef Take Center Stage in Seoul
SOUTH KOREA - With a focus on US processed pork and branded US beef, USMEF continued to build on its successes in South Korea by distributing information and handing out samples at Seoul Food 2017. ...
27 June 2017
View news from Korea, South Data Shows Foreign Beef Imports Up in H1/2017 as Consumers Shun Korean Beef
SOUTH KOREA - Imports of foreign beef have risen in the first five months of this year as consumers seek less expensive meat amid the sluggish pace of economic recovery and the anti-graft law which limits gifts that can be given to public officials, teachers...
25 April 2017
View news from Korea, South Success in Korean Market Celebrated at Event
SOUTH KOREA - Celebrating continued growth and success in South Korea while also recognizing the many partners that have helped the US become the top beef and pork exporter to that country, USMEF hosted the “World Class US Meat Appreciation Event”...
09 March 2017
View news from Korea, South ‘Grocerant’ Offers Korean Consumers Another Great Way to Enjoy US Beef
SOUTH KOREA - Working to displace competitors of US beef in the growing South Korean retail sector, USMEF used social media and a celebrity chef to showcase US beef ribeye, striploin and chuck flap tail during a “grocerant” promotion. ...
20 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Costco Expansion Provides Even Greater Momentum for US Beef in Korea
SOUTH KOREA - US beef has been rapidly building momentum in South Korea, and received a further boost this week as Costco officially began converting its imported chilled beef selection from Australian beef to 100 per cent US product. ...
16 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Govt to Check Odd Beef Prices Amid Industry Doldrums
SOUTH KOREA - The South Korean government is set to look into a widening price gap between the wholesale and retail prices of local beef, officials said Thursday, as it is feared to further hurt the industry and consumer spending already daunted by the...
13 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Imported Beef Sales Rise Sharply Amid FMD Outbreak
SOUTH KOREA - Sales of imported beef are rising steeply in South Korea as the country has been struggling with foot-and-mouth disease and avian influenza, industry data showed Sunday....
09 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Livestock Diseases Feared to Hamper Korea's Meat Exports
SOUTH KOREA - A series of animal and poultry disease outbreaks in South Korea is feared to be a huge drag on the country's exports of meat and other livestock products, industry sources said Wednesday....
07 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Korea Bans Livestock Movement Due to FMD Outbreak
SOUTH KOREA - The South Korean authority on Monday banned the movement of all livestock for 30 hours across the country as suspected cases of foot-and-mouth disease infection were reported....
06 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Sharp Drop in Korea's Self-sufficiency Rate of Grain, Beef, Seafood
SOUTH KOREA - South Korea‘s self-sufficiency rate of grain, beef and seafood sharply fell last year as imported food items appealed to consumer tastes with their lower prices and variety of flavors, according to government data on Sunday....
02 February 2017
View news from Korea, South Koreans Found to Consume More Foreign Beef
SOUTH KOREA - South Koreans consumed more American and other foreign beef than expensive local beef last year, a move that has lowered the country's self-sufficiency rate for beef to below 40 per cent over 13 years, a state-run think tank said Thursday....
23 January 2017
View news from Korea, South Versatility of US Beef, Pork Highlighted on Korea’s Jeju Island
SOUTH KOREA - To capitalize on rapid restaurant and hotel expansion in a fast-growing province of South Korea, USMEF conducted a US Red Meat Seminar on Jeju Island, a tourist destination located off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. ...
09 January 2017
View news from Korea, South US Beef Resumes Top Place in Imports
SOUTH KOREA - US beef recently became the most popular imported beef in South Korea, outranking Australian beef for the first time in 13 years, a tally showed Sunday. ...
09 December 2016
View news from Korea, South Rise in Korean Imports of US Beef in 2016
SOUTH KOREA - South Korea's imports of US beef jumped 47.6 per cent on year in the first 10 months of this year, data showed Friday, partly because of a falling demand for pricey Korean beef amid the implementation of an anti-graft law. ...
23 June 2015
View news from Korea, South 64 New Outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Reported in South Korea
SOUTH KOREA - 64 new outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease have been confirmed in South Korea....
30 March 2015
View news from Korea, South South Korea Imports Vaccine After FMD Outbreaks
SOUTH KOREA - The government continues with efforts to control Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) in swine and cattle....
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