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18 December 2015
View news from Australia Australian Wagyu Beef Labelling Investigation Dropped
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) investigation into the labelling of Wagyu beef produced and marketed in Australia by organisations within the Wagyu industry has been dropped....
17 December 2015
View news from Australia Farmers Urged to Check Animals in Extreme South Australian Heat
AUSTRALIA - Livestock and poultry owners have been reminded to take special care of their stock over the coming days of extreme heat, as animals suffer from the heat as well....
14 December 2015
View news from Australia Cattle Methane Emissions Lower Than Previously Thought
AUSTRALIA - Methane emissions from cattle in Australia are 24 per cent lower than previously estimated, equivalent to 12.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, following analysis of new Australian research data....
04 December 2015
View news from Australia Concern Over Make-Up of Australian Animal Welfare Committee
AUSTRALIA - Farmers have expressed concern at the recently appointed Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC)....
19 November 2015
View news from Australia Australia Blocks Sale of Largest Cattle Holding to Foreign Investors
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has blocked the sale of the country's biggest cattle operation to foreign investors, saying the sale would not be in the national interest....
View news from Australia Australia Develops New Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines for Livestock
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Veterinary Association and Animal Medicines Australia are joining forces to develop best practice antibiotic prescribing guidelines for livestock and horses....
05 November 2015
View news from Australia Australian Livestock Producers Happy With Export Results
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) has said the sector is enjoying a period of sustained growth, shown in the latest export figures....
30 October 2015
View news from Australia Further Australian Dollar Declines to Boost Livestock Markets
AUSTRALIA - A declining Australian dollar (A$) during 2015 has favoured Australia's red meat industry, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has reported....
08 October 2015
View news from Australia Australia Cattle Herd Drops from 30 Year High to 20 Year Low
AUSTRALIA – Back to back contraction in national beef production is adequate confirmation that Australia is entering a long-term downward trend, say market analysts....
28 August 2015
View news from Australia Australia’s US Beef Quota Could Trigger Next Week
AUSTRALIA – The “unprecedented” rate of beef shipments from Australia to a hungry US market could mean administrators allocate the final portion of beef quota as early as next week....
26 August 2015
View news from Australia Weather Missing in Jigsaw for “Great” Australian Beef Sector
AUSTRALIA – Many fundamentals are in place for a strong Australian beef sector, which is now waiting on the weather to allow herd rebuilding....
19 August 2015
View news from Australia Drought and Weak Dollar Double Australian Cattle Cash
AUSTRALIA – Weather and economics have seen Australian cattle farm incomes double over the last twelve months as farmers have sold more cattle for more money....
31 July 2015
View news from Australia Nothing to Dampen Australian Beef Markets
AUSTRALIA – There is no reason why the current boom in Australian cattle prices should falter, according to market analysts at Meat and Livestock Australia....
View news from Australia China Signs Australian Health Protocol for Slaughter, Feeder Cattle
CHINA – Thriving live cattle exports from Australia to China are set for further expansion with a recent announcement on shipping cattle for finishing and butchering....
28 July 2015
View news from Australia TPP Deal Must Work for Beef Industry
AUSTRALIA – Cattle industry bodies are negotiating for a beneficial outcome for both producers and supply chain players from the long awaited trans-pacific partnership deal (TPP)....
22 July 2015
View news from Australia Record Year for Wagyu Registrations
AUSTRALIA – Numbers of Wagyu calves registered in 2014 rocketed up 13 per cent on the back of strong demand to make a new record....
View news from Australia Australia Seals China Cattle Export Breakthrough
GLOBAL – Australian and Chinese veterinary bodies are formalising an agreement to commence live cattle shipments from Australia to China....
20 July 2015
View news from Australia New Bluetongue Virus Found in Australian Sentinel
AUSTRALIA - A case of bluetongue has been discovered in a sentinel herd of cattle in Australia....
07 July 2015
View news from Australia Gay Marriage Could Threaten Australian Cattle Trade, Warns Minister
AUSTRALIA – Ministers opposing same sex marriage are warning Australia’s cattle trade would take an economic hit if a new bill was passed....
04 June 2015
View news from Australia New Tool Helps Cut Cattle Transport Costs, Times
AUSTRALIA - Australian cattle farmers are now using a new tool to help the industry to be more efficient and to improve the welfare of livestock being transported....
15 May 2015
View news from Australia Western Australian Beef Exports Grow in Line with Rest of Country
AUSTRALIA - Western Australia figures show the state is currently enjoying high beef exports, similar to the rest of the country where shipments are very strong....
13 May 2015
View news from Australia Angus Cattle Lift Performance of Australian Brahman
AUSTRALIA - Angus cattle from temperate Australia are being successfully introduced to the arid north where they raise the game of Bos Indicus herds....
12 May 2015
View news from Australia Recipe for Angus, Bos Indicus Success For Northern Australia
AUSTRALIA – Cattle industry experts see no reason why Angus genetics can’t be infused into Bos Indicus herds in Australia’s arid north....
06 May 2015
View news from Australia Tyranny Of Distance: Making Inroads into Cattle Trucking
AUSTRALIA – A travel simulator could make major savings by re-routing thousand kilometre cattle trucking routes in northern Australia....
30 April 2015
View news from Australia US Herd Rebuilding Doesn't Suit Everyone
AUSTRALIA - Signs of recovery are evident in the US cattle industry after drought-induced herd liquidation, but this is not good news for some....
29 April 2015
View news from Australia New Bluetongue Strain Found in Australia
AUSTRALIA - A type of bluetongue not previously seen in Australia has been detected in tests....
28 April 2015
View news from Australia Drought-hit Aussies Finding Heifers Earn More than Steers
AUSTRALIA - Market analysis from during and after past Australian droughts shows that heifers out-perform steers in terms of prices in the months of recovery....
23 April 2015
View news from Australia Australian Farmers Want Trade Deal to Centre on Agriculture
AUSTRALIA – Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) negotiations should be seeking “ambitious outcomes”, placing farming at the heart of an agreement, says a producer organisation....
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