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02 April 2019
View news from Uganda Pastoralists Cry Foul Over Cattle Movement Ban
UGANDA - Pastoralists at Uganda-Tanzania border have faulted government over failure to enforce measures aimed at curbing animal diseases....
28 February 2019
View news from Uganda Irregularities Mar Kole Cattle Restocking
UGANDA - Local leaders in Okwerodot Sub-county, Kole District, have been faulted for frustrating the implementation of the government restocking programme....
05 September 2018
View news from Uganda Meat Prices Shoot Up Amid Ban on Cattle Transportation
UGANDA - People planning to buy meat in Kampala and other areas across the country will have to dig deeper as prices continue to increase amid a ban on the transportation of animals from the Ankole Sub-region. ...
03 August 2018
View news from Uganda Uganda Exports First Shipment of Beef to Egypt
UGANDA - Uganda has made its maiden beef export to Egypt shipping 50 tonnes of the commodity to the Middle Eastern country. ...
31 May 2018
View news from Uganda Minister Accused of Giving Green Light to Illegal Cattle Sale
UGANDA - The Minister of State for Agriculture, Joy Kabatsi, and other officials have been accused of authorising illegal sale of cattle, including from two government ranches of Ruhengyere and Nshaara in western Uganda. ...
28 February 2018
View news from Uganda High Costs Slow Journey to Export Uganda’s Beef
UGANDA - Exorbitant cost of electricity, poor quality of cows and lack of adequate places to seclude (quarantine) sick animals from the healthy ones have made it difficult for a factory commissioned about three years ago to export processed, packaged...
27 December 2017
View news from Uganda Cattle Corridor Districts Lose Shs600m Over Quarantine
UGANDA - Local authorities in the cattle corridor districts of Sembabule, Lyantonde, Gomba and Nakasongola have suffered a financial loss of Shs672 million in local revenue following the restriction on the slaughter, sale and transportation of cattle...
20 December 2017
View news from Uganda Cattle, Poultry Prices Rise in Karamoja Ahead of Christmas
UGANDA - The prices of cattle, goats, sheep and chicken in Karamoja sub-region have tripled a head of Christmas season....
28 November 2017
View news from Uganda Beef Prices in Kabale Slashed as Demand for Nsenene Soars
UGANDA - The grasshopper season has compelled butchers in Kabale municipality to slash the price of beef by more than half so as to attract customers....
12 May 2017
View news from Uganda Zoetis Strengthens its Commitment to Develop Sustainable Livestock Production in Sub-Saharan Africa
Global animal health company receives grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance the health and productivity of livestock in Africa ...
04 May 2017
View news from Uganda Ugandan Cattle Markets Closed Over FMD
UGANDA - Authorities in the cattle corridor districts of Lyantonde, Sembabule and Kiruhura have announced a quarantine on the slaughter, sale and movement of cattle in the three districts following the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)....
08 February 2017
View news from Uganda Delayed Cattle Vaccination Irks Ugandan Farmers
UGANDA - Livestock farmers in Sembabule District, whose cattle were attacked by tick borne disease, are frustrated by the delayed vaccination of their cattle against the disease....
27 December 2016
View news from Uganda Cattle Vaccination to Delay Over Lack of Funds
UGANDA - Livestock farmers, whose cattle were recently attacked by the tick borne disease will have to wait a little longer to have their animals vaccinated. Government says it lack funds to carry out the vaccination....
13 August 2015
View news from Uganda Training Boosts Uganda's Foot and Mouth Resilience
UGANDA - A new project run by international organisations has been initiated in Uganda, with officials receiving training in recognising and reporting animal diseases....
09 July 2014
View news from Uganda Wider Use of Mobile Animal Health App Urged in Other Countries
UGANDA - A new mobile application is successfully supporting Uganda's veterinary technicians....
17 October 2013
View news from Uganda Livestock, Poultry Production Rise in Uganda
UGANDA - Poultry and livestock production in Uganda increased by 3.2 per cent last year despite the effects of climate change such as the adverse rise in temperatures, a report shows....
29 July 2013
View news from Uganda Planting For Hope: Where Sustainable Agriculture Saves Communities
When clean water is scarce and fertiliser and herbicides too expensive, sustainable agriculture is not a fashionable option but a necessity....
12 March 2013
View news from Uganda FAO Supports Transformation of Uganda's Agri Sector
UGANDA - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva met with Ugandan Vice-President Edward Sekandi to discuss ways to ensure food security for all Ugandans and reduce poverty by supporting rural smallholders in the country's agriculture sector....
27 February 2013
View news from Uganda Towards Integrated Animal Health: Food Safety Surveillance in East Africa
UGANDA - Animal diseases have wide ranging impacts on both animals and people, from decimating livestock and wildlife to threatening public health, compromising food safety, food security and crippling livelihoods....
08 September 2011
View news from Uganda Live Exports Hit Processing Industry
UGANDA - The meat processing industry in Uganda is being hit by a fall in livestock numbers and in particular cattle. ...
09 August 2011
View news from Uganda Four Beef Processing Plants For Uganda
UGANDA - A public-private partnership in Uganda is to see four new beef processing plants built across the country. ...
06 August 2010
View news from Uganda Anthrax Outbreak In Uganda
UGANDA - The State Department of Veterinary Medecine in Uganda has reported an outbreak of anthrax in wild buffalo. ...
05 November 2009
View news from Uganda Cattle Could Save Ugandan Poverty
UGANDA - According to the National Livestock Census, the Karamoja region has the most cattle in Uganda but remains the most underdeveloped and impoverished region because the resource is not exploited....
21 October 2009
View news from Uganda Cattle Movement Banned in Arua
UGANDA - Arua district veterinary office has banned cattle movement in lower Madi, Rigbo sub-county, following an outbreak of cattle lung disease. ...
24 September 2009
View news from Uganda Kiruhura District Lifts Cattle Trade Ban
UGANDA - After almost four years, the ban on selling of livestock in open markets in Kiruhura District has been lifted. ...
11 August 2009
View news from Uganda Cattle Disease Hits Gulu
UGANDA - A contagious cattle disease has claimed six head of cattle and infected over 600 others in Gulu district, the district veterinary officer has said....
09 July 2009
View news from Uganda Vaccination Programme in Uganda
UGANDA - The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation is carrying out mass vaccination of goats, sheep and cattle in the Karamoja region of Uganda against Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) and contagious Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia (CBPP)....
05 January 2009
View news from Uganda Ugandan Cattle Markets Close in Seven Districts
UGANDA - Butcheries and livestock markets in seven northern Uganda districts have been closed due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Veterinary officers in the affected districts said at least 300 head of cattle had died of the disease....
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