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19 February 2019
View news from Brazil Brazil develops first genomic assessment system for dairy cattle
BRAZIL - The first Brazilian genomic assessment product for dairy herds whose aim is to select genetically superior animals is available to dairy farmers. The service is named Clarifide Girolando and is aimed at such cattle breed, which results from crossing...
16 November 2018
View news from Brazil Identification of Mechanisms of Pesticide Resistance in Cattle Ticks
BRAZIL - The cattle tick is controlled by pesticides, invariably leading to the selection of resistant strains. In Brazil, this parasite is currently resistant to a greater or lesser extent to all the commercial pesticides used by cattle farmers....
01 November 2018
View news from Brazil Genes that Could Lead to Improvement of Beef Cattle Identified
BRAZIL - Beef cattle improvement programs have focused for decades on promoting the rapid growth of calves. Now, the goal is to improve other traits, such as meat tenderness or ribeye muscle area....
09 October 2018
View news from Brazil JBS Organises Animal Welfare Initiative with Cattle Breeders
BRAZIL - JBS has developed a project focusing on partner livestock breeders which involves distributing kits with handling flags, a poster and a booklet illustrated with guidelines to help day-to-day farm work that involves cattle. Twenty thousand units...
09 July 2018
View news from Brazil Study Finds New Genomic Regions Associated to Weight Gain in Nelore Cattle
BRAZIL - A pioneering research project has identified genes potentially associated with functions such as growth and weight gain in the Nelore breed. These functions are key to beef production. The researchers pinpointed genomic regions that had changed...
30 April 2018
View news from Brazil Brazilian Beef Exports to Mena up 38% in Q1/2018
BRAZIL - Beef exports from Brazil to Arab countries saw a 38 per cent increase in terms of value and a 59 per cent increase in volume during the first quarter of the year (Q1), said the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC). ...
16 November 2017
View news from Brazil How to Keep Cows Happy
BRAZIL - Corrals are used on livestock farms around the world to round up the animals when they need to be weighed or vaccinated. New research now shows that removing splashes of colors, shadows or water puddles from corrals, keeping noise levels down...
30 October 2017
View news from Brazil Cargill Strengthens Animal Nutrition Business in Brazil
BRAZIL - Cargill has reached an agreement to acquire Integral Animal Nutrition, a cattle feed producer in Brazil. ...
03 October 2017
View news from Brazil Genetic Study Investigates Ways to Increase Meat Productivity, Tenderness
BRAZIL - Brazil has the world's largest commercial beef herd, numbering over 225 million heads of cattle, yet only 20 per cent of Brazil's production is intended for export....
02 October 2017
View news from Brazil Nutrition Key to Increasing Productivity in Intensive Breeding
BRAZIL - Improving the productivity of Brazilian livestock means not only finding ways to make the cattle produce more meat or more milk, but also addressing issues such as diseases....
23 August 2017
View news from Brazil Mechanism Impairing Production of Bovine Embryos Revealed
BRAZIL - A longstanding obstacle to the market for bovine embryos is about to be removed. Researchers have described a hitherto unknown mechanism of lipid accumulation in oocytes that limits the success of in vitro production of bovine embryos....
18 August 2017
View news from Brazil Molecule Increases Pregnancy Rate, Number of Offspring in Cattle
BRAZIL - Researchers at Inprenha Biotecnologia, a company based in Jaboticabal, São Paulo State, Brazil, working in partnership with colleagues at the University of São Paulo's Ribeirão Preto School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (FCFRP-USP), have discovered...
21 March 2017
View news from Brazil China, EU Cut Imports of Brazil Meat Amid Scandal
BRAZIL - China and the European Union curtailed meat imports from Brazil on Monday after police, in an anti-corruption probe criticized by the government as alarmist, accused inspectors in the world's biggest exporter of beef and poultry of taking bribes...
View news from Brazil Brazil President Seeks to Calm Health Fears Over Beef Exports
BRAZIL - President Michel Temer, confronting a corruption scandal tarnishing Brazil’s lucrative meat industry, met with executives and foreign diplomats to assuage their health concerns over a sector responsible for US$12 billion in annual exports....
17 November 2016
View news from Brazil Brazilian Beef Exports Continue to Grow
BRAZIL - The Brazilian beef industry ended the month of October with more than US$ 449 million in exports, according to the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters (Abiec)....
11 October 2016
View news from Brazil Brazilian Beef Exports Climbing
BRAZIL - Brazil's fresh beef exports are performing well in Egypt, as the country purchased almost 19,000 tons from Brazil in September and ranked ahead of China....
07 October 2016
View news from Brazil Israel Opens Market to Brazilian Beef Semen
BRAZIL - The Israeli government has now opened its market to frozen bovine semen from Brazil....
05 September 2016
View news from Brazil Brazil's Beef Sector Continues to Grow
BRAZIL - The livestock production chain generated BRL 483.5 billion (USD 148.47 billion) last year, according to an annual report by the Association of Brazilian Beef Exporters (Abiec)....
12 August 2016
View news from Brazil Brazil's Beef Exports to Arab Countries Rising
BRAZIL - Brazilian beef exports to the Arab countries totalled USD 96.73 million in July, an increase of 13.77 per cent over the same month of last year, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) compiled by the...
27 July 2016
View news from Brazil Brazil Aims for Fresh Beef Exports to US
BRAZIL - Brazil's minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Blairo Maggi, is in the US on a trade mission to enable greater beef trade between the two countries....
05 July 2016
View news from Brazil Brazilian Inspectors Visit US to Expedite Beef Trade
BRAZIL - Inspectors from the Brazilian agriculture department (MAPA) are visiting American slaughterhouses and meat storage facilities this week....
19 January 2016
View news from Brazil Eating Less Beef Might Not Lower Brazilian Emissions
BRAZIL - Reduced meat consumption might not lower greenhouse gas emissions from one of the world’s biggest beef producing regions, new research has found....
13 January 2016
View news from Brazil Brazil's Ag Exports at Record Levels in 2015
BRAZIL - The amount of soybeans, corn, fresh chicken, coffee and pulp sold abroad in 2015 registered a record for Brazil's agribusiness trade....
24 November 2015
View news from Brazil Brazil to Begin Large-Scale Live Cattle Exports to Bolivia
BRAZIL - Bolivia has authorised Brazil to move live cattle for breeding across its borders for the first time, following a meeting between the agriculture departments of the two countries....
05 October 2015
View news from Brazil New Sustainability Guide for Brazil's Livestock Industry Open for Consultation
BRAZIL - In order to further reinforce the growing sustainable practice of the Brazilian livestock sector, the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) has created a sustainability guide and is now opening it up to public consultation in...
28 September 2015
View news from Brazil Good Weather Helps Brazil to Record Grain Crop
BRAZIL – Favourable production conditions in key producing regions have pushed Brazil’s grain yields to bumper levels, lifting 6.4 per cent on the prior year....
24 September 2015
View news from Brazil Brazil Beef Production Drops Sharply
BRAZIL – Tight cattle supplies and weak domestic and international beef demand have put major downward pressure on Brazil’s beef output....
21 September 2015
View news from Brazil Brazilian Cattle Genetics Get Green Light
BRAZIL – An agreement has been reached to allow semen and embryos to pass into the Dominican Republic....
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