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16 January 2020
Can the UK farming sector achieve net zero carbon emissions?
Achieving net zero carbon emissions on-farm was one of the hot topics debated at the Oxford Real Farming Conference on 8 January. Panellists from the House of Commons, Chatham House, NFU, Green Alliance UK and the Nature Friendly Farming Network debated...
14 January 2020
CME: Estimates for 2020 Beef Production Revised Down Slightly
US - On 10 January 2020, USDA released a slew of reports and this DLR will highlight a few key points from select reports, writes Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc. ...
06 December 2019
Global Food Prices Jump in November
GLOBAL - World food prices rose significantly in November, reaching their highest point in more than two years, driven by jumps in the international prices of meat products and vegetable oils....
14 October 2019
Shine Fades on US-China Trade Agreement
The shine fades on US-China trade agreement as grain trading turns mixed, writes Jim Wyckoff, market analyst. ...
27 September 2019
2019 Corn Silage Harvest: An exercise in patience
I want to start with two statements, or more accurately, titles of past articles that have stuck in my head over the years and serve as good reminder as we intently monitor this year’s corn crop and weather conditions, writes Joe Lawrence, Cornell University...
25 September 2019
2019 US Crop Production: 17.4 Million “Lost Acres” Identified
Farm Market iD’s updated, in-season data now includes this season’s “lost acres”. In total, 17.4 million crop production acres have been lost in key broad-acre states compared to 18 million acres reported by USDA in the same states....
02 September 2019
The Pirbright Institute Grants New License for Foot-and-mouth Disease Vaccine
The Pirbright Institute and its research partners have granted MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the US) an exclusive commercial licence for a new, effective and affordable vaccine to protect livestock against several serotypes of foot-and-mouth...
25 June 2019
CME: 14.5%/More Increase in US Corn Price Likely
US - According to Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc., the assumption is often made that when feedstuff costs increase dramatically that a response in the livestock and poultry sectors is to lower carcass (dressed) weight. Basic economics suggests...
21 June 2019
CME: Drought Pressure Minimal for Much of US
US - Drought pressure appears to be minimal for much of the country at this time and, combined with good moisture conditions earlier in the spring, it has resulted in one of the best pasture conditions of the last 25 years, according to Steiner Consulting...
06 June 2019
Food Prices Rise Amid Weak Production Outlook for Maize
GLOBAL - Global food prices rose for the fifth consecutive month in May, pushed up by rising prices of cheese and maize due to adverse weather conditions....
04 June 2019
CME: Live Cattle Futures Steady to Slightly Higher for Most of W22
US - A Memorial Day shortened work week has not been an impediment to the chaos that washed over the food and agriculture markets this week, writes Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
03 June 2019
Research Brief: Climate Change Already Affecting Global Food Production
GLOBAL - The world's top 10 crops - barley, cassava, maize, oil palm, rapeseed, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugarcane and wheat - supply a combined 83 percent of all calories produced on cropland. ...
30 May 2019
CME: Livestock Producers Pay Close Attention to Grain Markets
US - Grain markets have been in a frenzy in recent days as market participants come to terms with the fact that a good portion of the corn crop has yet to be planted, according to Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
09 May 2019
World Food Prices Rise in April
GLOBAL - Global food prices rose in April to their highest level in almost a year, led up by meat and dairy prices....
08 May 2019
Cattle on Diet as New Wagyu Brand in Wakayama Targets Health-conscious Meat Lovers
JAPAN - Some Japanese black cattle in Wakayama Prefecture, renowned for the distinctive fatty marbling of their meat, have been put on a diet....
03 May 2019
BurgerFuel Launches Plant-based Beef Burger
NEW ZEALAND - BurgerFuel enters an exciting new frontier this week with the launch of their plant-based beef burger – the Beyond Beleaf....
09 April 2019
New Pathways for Sustainable Agriculture
GERMANY - Hedges, flowering strips and other semi-natural habitats provide food and nesting places for insects and birds in agricultural landscapes. This also has advantages for agriculture: bees, flies, beetles and other animal groups pollinate crops...
08 April 2019
FAO Food Price Index Holds Steady
GLOBAL - The FAO Food Price Index held broadly stable in March, as a jump in dairy prices was offset by drops in cereal, vegetable oil and sugar price quotations, according to a benchmark UN report released last week....
02 April 2019
CME: Cattle Slaughter in W13 Lower Than Previous Week
US - Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc. provides a brief review of key numbers from last week....
05 March 2019
Farm Market iD Offers On-farm Grain Storage Data to Agribusinesses
US - Farm Market iD has now added on-farm grain storage data to their powerful database, built on more than 900 million acres of land and 34 million farm fields, which are linked to 2.4 million farm owners and operators....
04 February 2019
US soy sets export record in market year ending September
Farmer investments in international markets produced strong results in the 2017/2018 marketing year, despite trade dynamics developing as the export period closed....
24 December 2018
Updated Study Quantifies Value Delivered to Corn Producers Through Red Meat Exports
USMEF has received the results of an updated study aimed at quantifying the value delivered to US corn producers through exports of red meat. The original 2016 study, as well as the 2018 follow-up, were conducted by World Perspectives, Inc. (WPI), a leading...
12 December 2018
CME: Alfalfa Hay Prices Higher Every Month in 2018
US - Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc. reports that hay production rebounded significantly this year on more acres and normal yields, but prices are still significantly higher than last year....
06 December 2018
FAO Food Price Index Declines in November
GLOBAL - Globally traded food commodity prices declined in November, led by marked drops for palm oil and other vegetable oils, the Food and Agriculture of the United Nations said today....
01 November 2018
Global Food Prices Dip in October
GLOBAL - International food commodity prices dipped in October, as falling dairy, meat and vegetable oils prices more than offset a surge in sugar prices, the United Nations said today....
15 October 2018
CME: 2019 Per Capita Beef Consumption Forecast to Rise
US - Below are highlights from the latest USDA WASDE report as provided by Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
08 October 2018
EU, FAO Reaffirm Commitment to Build More Sustainable Future for All
EU - Last week, the European Union (EU) and FAO reaffirmed their commitment to tackle common global concerns such as rising hunger, bring about prosperity and peace, and build a more sustainable future for all....
05 October 2018
FAO Food Price Index Down in September Amid Robust Supplies
GLOBAL - Global agricultural food commodity prices fell in September due to growing inventories of key staples....
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