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10 September 2018
IFA Urges Ag Minister to Take Urgent Action on Income Crisis in Livestock Sector
IRELAND - IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said livestock farmers are under immense income pressure from falling cattle prices, increased costs, severe weather conditions all year and the erosion of direct payments....
06 September 2018
New Grassland Improvement Programme Looking for Farmers
UK - Beef and sheep farms are needed for a new project which will help farmers across Great Britain improve management of their grassland....
08 August 2018
CME: Approx. 20% of Continental US in State of Severe Drought
US - USDA NASS has released the "Crop Progress" report updating field conditions for major crops and seasonally - May through October - pasture and range conditions, reports Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
07 August 2018
Hay-poor Dairy Farmers Consider Sending Cows to Slaughter
FINLAND - After a dry summer, many farmers in the south and west predict that they will only harvest half of their normal yield. This bodes poorly for Finland's livestock....
Australian Drought Doubles Hay Prices in Blow to Cattle Farmers
AUSTRALIA - The drought affecting southeastern Australia has doubled hay prices, severely affecting ranchers and raising the prospect of higher international prices for beef from Down Under. ...
03 August 2018
IFA: Minister Creed Needs to Deliver Real Measures to Help Farmers Affected by Drought
IRELAND - While visiting a number of drought-hit farms in the South East yesterday, IFA President Joe Healy said that Minister Michael Creed needs to deliver real measures to help farmers on the ground....
23 July 2018
Hot Weather Starting to Influence Livestock Market
UK - The prolonged period of dry, hot weather is beginning to impact on the livestock market as the effects of lack of forage availability, reduced livestock growth rates and a change in consumers’ eating habits start to become evident....
20 July 2018
Farmers Urged to Act Now to Limit Drought Impact on Feed Stocks
UK - Livestock farmers are being urged to take steps now to make the most of feed stocks and limit the effects of the exceptionally dry conditions on farm....
29 June 2018
Climate Change Bill Threatens Disaster for Scottish Livestock Sector, Says QMS
SCOTLAND, UK - A stark warning that the Scottish Parliament’s Climate Change Bill could prove disastrous for the Scottish livestock sector has come from Jim McLaren, Chairman of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)....
18 June 2018
Drought in Western Latvia Forces Farmers to Dispose of Cattle
LATVIA - Farmers in Kuldiga region in western Latvia have started disposing of their cattle because lasting drought has resulted in shortage of fodder....
07 June 2018
Warm, wet weather heightens parasite risk in sheep and cattle
The latest NADIS1 Parasite Forecast sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim highlights that the recent warm, wet weather heightens the risk of parasites in sheep and cattle....
23 May 2018
Research Aimed at Nitrite Poisoning Leads to Methane Mitigation
US - Two government researchers and a college graduate student aiming at one issue in the cattle industry are finding they can address two issues - nitrite poisoning and methane emissions - with an animal probiotic they are developing....
18 May 2018
US Beef Market Poses Threat to NZ Returns This Year
NEW ZEALAND - The likely forced slaughter of US cattle due to drought is set to pressure global beef trade and prices, posing a threat to New Zealand beef returns, a visiting North American cattle industry expert has warned local producers....
16 May 2018
CME: latest 'Hay Stocks' Report Shows Availability of Pastures Down
US - Last week USDA-NASS released the first week of pasture and range conditions for the US. This weekly update provides a barometer for cattle forage conditions across the country, according to Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
01 May 2018
Cattle Farmers Beef up Savings to Prepare for Droughts
AUSTRALIA - Recent high cattle prices have enabled Australian beef producers to put more money into Farm Management Deposits (FMDs)....
27 April 2018
China's Agriculture Quality Improving Steadily
CHINA - China will make noticeable progress in agricultural output and quality to meet peoples' demand for better food over the next ten years, according to an outlook report released by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on Friday....
23 March 2018
Massive Cattle Deaths Pose Threat to Food Security in Somalia
SOMALIA - The United Nations Organization (UNO) for Food and Agriculture (FAO) warned this week that the mass death of cattle due to intense drought threatens livelihoods and food security in Somalia....
19 March 2018
CME: Total Mexican Feeder Cattle Imports Down 13% Year to Date
US - USDA indicates that over 25 per cent of cattle (beef and dairy) inventory is located in an area experiencing drought, according to the Office of the Chief Economist, reports Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
08 March 2018
Rabobank: Big Dry Leads Farmers to Sell Cattle
AUSTRALIA - Cattle farmers have stopped restocking their herds and are selling more cattle for slaughter because of dry conditions in many regions of Australia, says agribusiness banking specialist Rabobank....
13 December 2017
Cattle Breeders in Caimbambo Receive Hay
ANGOLA - At least twelve tonnes of hay were distributed in the last six months to cattle breeders in Caimbambo Municipality, in the centre-western Benguela province, a product that will be used for animal feed in areas hit by a drought....
05 December 2017
Report: Call for Urgent Action on Food, Nutrition Security
EU - As part of an unprecedented global InterAcademy Partnership project by 130 science academies, a team of scientists from across Europe undertook a two-year, extensive analysis on the future of food, nutrition, agriculture, and health....
15 November 2017
Greener Livestock Supply Chains Offer Quick Wins in Climate Battle
GLOBAL - The agricultural sectors are where efforts to end hunger and prevent planetary overheating can come together, and improving livestock supply chains is a fast way to start, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said....
30 October 2017
CME: Overall Fresh/frozen Beef Imports Remain Under Year Ago Levels
US - Despite a notable recovery in US beef imports during the third quarter, overall imports of fresh/frozen beef remain under year ago levels, reports Steiner Consulting Group, DLR Division, Inc....
27 October 2017
Fiji Farmers Fight to Save Cattle
FIJI - Farmers in the interior of Tavua are cutting down rain trees to feed cattle and coaxing their malnourished livestock through more than one kilometre of arid terrain to find water as the situation in the Western Division worsens....
04 October 2017
Warming Unlikely to Impact Animal Agriculture in Northeast
US - Climate change will not significantly impair animal agriculture in the Northeast region of the United States, according to a multidisciplinary team of researchers, who point out there are many variables in the future scenario they envision....
03 October 2017
Report Gives Lay of the Land on Grazing Livestock's Climate Impact
GLOBAL - An international research collaboration has shed light on the impact that grass-fed animals have on climate change. Its new study adds clarity to the debate around livestock farming and meat and dairy consumption....
28 September 2017
Majority of Country Lacks Pasture to Graze Livestock in Coming Winter
MONGOLIA - At a national level, a total of 66 million heads of livestock are expected to go winter in 164 thousand herder households, excluding animals to be supplied to domestic market and for export. 9.2 million heads of them will move from one place...
27 September 2017
Harvest is Here; Farmers Reminded to Put Safety First
US - Harvest is here, that means farmers are already moving equipment on roads, harvesting their crop, and hauling it to elevators....
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