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12 July 2018
20% of Americans Responsible for Almost Half of US Food-related GHGs
US - On any given day, 20 per cent of Americans account for nearly half of US diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, and high levels of beef consumption are largely responsible, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan and...
29 June 2018
Climate Change Bill Threatens Disaster for Scottish Livestock Sector, Says QMS
SCOTLAND, UK - A stark warning that the Scottish Parliament’s Climate Change Bill could prove disastrous for the Scottish livestock sector has come from Jim McLaren, Chairman of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)....
13 June 2018
Choice Matters: Environmental Costs of Producing Meat, Seafood
GLOBAL - Which food type is more environmentally costly to produce - livestock, farmed seafood, or wild-caught fish?...
07 June 2018
Beef + Lamb NZ Urges Tailored Approach Towards Emissions
NEW ZEALAND - Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) welcomes the government’s commitment to setting a new carbon target and considering accounting for the differing contributions of specific livestock emissions as consultation on proposed Zero Carbon legislation...
05 June 2018
Beef + Lamb NZ Welcomes Good Farming Practice Action Plan
NEW ZEALAND - Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) has welcomed today’s launch of the Good Farming Practice Action Plan as providing a whole of sector approach that builds on the good work already being done by individual industries....
31 May 2018
Research Reveals How Same Foods Create Markedly Different Environmental Impacts
GLOBAL - Researchers at Oxford University and the Swiss agricultural research institute, Agroscope, have created the most comprehensive database yet on the environmental impacts of nearly 40,000 farms, and 1,600 processors, packaging types, and retailers....
25 May 2018
Nature Conservancy Teams with Nestlé Purina, Cargill to Sustainability of Improve Beef Supply Chain
US - The Nature Conservancy, in collaboration with Nestlé Purina and Cargill, is launching a three-year water project to improve the sustainability of the beef supply chain. This project is expected to reduce the environmental impact of row crop irrigation...
23 May 2018
Research Aimed at Nitrite Poisoning Leads to Methane Mitigation
US - Two government researchers and a college graduate student aiming at one issue in the cattle industry are finding they can address two issues - nitrite poisoning and methane emissions - with an animal probiotic they are developing....
16 May 2018
Beef + Lamb NZ Unveils New Environmental Strategy
NEW ZEALAND - A new blueprint to lift the environmental performance of New Zealand’s sheep and beef sector was unveiled today by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ)....
15 May 2018
Changing Cities' Food Systems to Help Reduce Carbon Emissions
US - Many US cities and states are looking for ways to slash greenhouse gas emissions, including cap-and-trade programs, building-efficiency regulations, and boosting public transit and renewable energy sources....
11 May 2018
Beef Industry Addresses Consumer Concerns About Environment, Animal Welfare
AUSTRALIA - Beef producers are using innovation to address rising pressures from environmental and animal activists about how the industry operates....
02 May 2018
New Origin Brand Unveiled by Beef + Lamb New Zealand
NEW ZEALAND - A blueprint and a new brand designed to capture more value for New Zealand’s sheepmeat and beef overseas has been unveiled today by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ)....
30 April 2018
B+L NZ on Productivity Commission's Draft Report on Low Emissions Economy
NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand government has asked the Productivity Commission to identify options for how New Zealand can reduce its domestic greenhouse gas emissions through a transition to a low-emissions economy, while at the same time continuing...
27 April 2018
China's Agriculture Quality Improving Steadily
CHINA - China will make noticeable progress in agricultural output and quality to meet peoples' demand for better food over the next ten years, according to an outlook report released by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences on Friday....
17 April 2018
Measles Hits Cattle in Bulawayo
ZIMBABWE - A leading meat processing firm in Bulawayo says most animals from communal farmers are being condemned and destroyed at slaughter point as they are infected with measles due to poor hygiene and farmers are losing a lot of money....
NFU South East Prepared to Respond to Govt on Future Farm Policy
Hundreds of NFU South East members have come forward to help the NFU respond to government plans for future farm policy, which currently fails to recognise the vital role of food production, reports the NFU...
12 April 2018
Livestock Production Much Smaller Challenge to Global Food Security
GLOBAL - Humans face mounting challenges when it comes to finding ways to sustainably feed an exploding population. As populations become wealthier and more urbanized, the demand for animal products continues to climb....
10 April 2018
Influence Feed: China strikes back
Stay current on the latest food and agriculture issues impacting your business with Influence Feed by Zoetis. Influence Feed tracks the top 1,500 most influential voices across all segments of food and agriculture to bring you insights in a convenient...
05 April 2018
Tyson Foods Sets 2M Acre Land Stewardship Target
US - Tyson Foods, Inc. has committed to support improved environmental practices on two million acres of corn by the end of 2020. It is the largest-ever land stewardship commitment by a US protein company and supports Tyson Foods’ recently announced...
23 March 2018
NZ-led Study Reveals DNA of Cattle, Sheep Bacteria
NEW ZEALAND - International scientists led by New Zealanders have identified the genetic makeup of over 500 species of bacteria found in the gut of cattle and sheep....
21 March 2018
Environmentally Friendly Cattle Production a Reality
US - Three hundred years ago, enormous herds of bison, antelope and elk roamed North America, and the land was pristine and the water clean....
09 March 2018
South Dakota Rancher Testifies Before US Senate in Support of FARM Act
US - Third-generation South Dakota rancher Todd Mortenson yesterday testified in support of S. 2421, the Fair Agricultural Reporting Method (FARM) Act, which would prevent the federal government from regulating nearly 200,000 animal agricultural operations...
08 March 2018
Estimates Overstated for Mongolian Rangelands Damaged by Livestock
MONGOLIA - Livestock and wildlife graze on rangelands, grasslands, savannas and marshes that cover 45 per cent of Earth's land surface. Damage or degradation on these lands is a major concern globally, and the subject of widespread scientific study in...
01 March 2018
Vion Starts Production in New Beef Abattoir in Leeuwarden
NETHERLANDS - In February, Vion has started production at its new beef abattoir in Leeuwarden, in the north of The Netherlands. ...
17 January 2018
Cattlemen Kick Off Campaign to Prevent Farms, Ranches from Being Regulated
US - The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) yesterday kicked off a media campaign aimed at spotlighting and correcting a recent court decision that will require livestock producers to comply with laws that are only meant to apply to highly...
08 January 2018
Less Chewing the Cud, More Greening the Fuel
UK, US & BRAZIL - Plant biomass contains considerable calorific value but most of it makes up robust cell walls, an unappetising evolutionary advantage that helped grasses to survive foragers and prosper for more than 60 million years....
11 December 2017
EU Ag Commissioner Cannot Agree to Bad Mercosur Deal: IFA
EU - Speaking from the WTO Ministerial Conference, which is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina this week, IFA President Joe Healy said EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan cannot agree to a bad Mercosur deal which will seriously damage the Irish...
05 December 2017
Report: Call for Urgent Action on Food, Nutrition Security
EU - As part of an unprecedented global InterAcademy Partnership project by 130 science academies, a team of scientists from across Europe undertook a two-year, extensive analysis on the future of food, nutrition, agriculture, and health....
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