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MLA: Daily Cattle Market Summary

24 January 2013
Meat & Livestock Australia

AUSTRALIA - Prices were up overall as the Cattle Indicator lifted to 313.75¢/kg cwt on Wednesday, write industry analysts at Meat and Livestock Australia.


Numbers at Casino increased with more young cattle yarded than last week. Medium weight vealer steers to slaughter ranged from 168¢ to 190¢, while light vealer C2 heifers were relatively unchanged on 185¢/kg.

Medium weight heifers generally sold from 170¢ to 189¢, while yearling steers and heifers were too few to quote. Heavy C3 grown steers lifted 5¢ on average making 168¢, while medium D3 cows generally sold from 122¢ to 140¢/kg.


Throughput at Warrnambool eased with the usual trade and export buyers present. Heavy B3 vealer steers to process orders were unchanged, averaging 172¢, while medium C3 vealer heifers lifted 2¢ on last week making 143¢/kg.

Heavy C4 grown steers sold 6¢ dearer on 156¢, while the heifer portion generally sold from 143¢ to 153¢ for the better quality lines. Medium D2 dairy cows ranged from 82¢ to 90¢, back 5¢, while heavy C3 beef lines topped at 125¢ to make 120¢/kg.


Consignments at Dalby slipped by 17 per cent with the majority of the yarding consisting of secondary lines. The C2 calves to restock sold 3¢ dearer on 182¢, while medium vealer heifers topped at 181¢ to make 175¢/kg. Light yearling steers returning to the paddock sold from 178¢ to 207¢, while medium weight lines to feed was relatively unchanged averaging 179¢/kg for C2 muscle lines.

Light yearling D2 heifers sold 7¢ cheaper averaging 149¢, while medium weights to feed topped at 172¢ to make 167¢/kg. Heavy bullocks averaged 172¢, back 4¢ on last week, while the bulk of the better quality grown heifers sold 7¢ cheaper on 155¢/kg. Heavy D4 beef cows sold from 134¢ to 145¢/kg.

Market Conclusions

At the close of Wednesday’s markets the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) lifted 1.5¢ to 313.75¢/kg cwt. Trade steers were up 1¢ on 166¢, while feeder and medium weight steers were unchanged on 168¢ and 154¢/kg respectively. The heavy steer indicator lifted 3¢ making 166¢, while medium cows settled o 124¢/kg.

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