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Jon, LOL yes, bath. After her bout with the scours (that righted itself before i could even give her the meds) Her rear and legs were a bit gross. Considering we have to give her "therapy" for the legs, I didnt want to be holding that. Fresh water only, no soaps so that way when she can go out to the pasture with Roy's cows, they wont have too much an issue with her.

You should know, you dont sound callous to me at all. She is meant for the freezer. I wont get attached to her at all. While yeah, its fun now as a calf, I know she's going to get a good size, and since I dont own the ranch, nor have the space for her at my duplex, she has one purpose. Thats why she was named Muffin. Anything thats out at the barn is named after food for a reason. We have: Muffin the calf, Sugar the rabbit, Cinnamon the rabbit, pepper the rabbit (all rabbits are breeders, not for pets), and when we have our pig, the name keeps changing.. we just processed a 260lb gilt named holey (because of her ear, we delivered her, raised her, and currently im cooking some of her as i type) along with Flour the rabbit, buttercup the rabbit, and the bucky the old buck rabbit.

The cats, snakes, and dog are not named after food for good reason ^_^.

As for her eating, hah! We made a holder for the bottle (pic) so i can still go about my doings around the ranch, and it has saved my back! Currently, i catch her nibbling on grass, but not enough to make a huge difference. I have water and starter feed, hay and some grass she has access to. She's being kept separate from the herd at Roys request. As soon as she's weaned, she can go out into the pasture with everyone else. Im guessing she's about 2weeks old myself at this point. Right now, she's being kept in the "pig pen" where our sows farrow. Temps are good in there, and its not drafty. Not to mention, no one can steal any of her food. Everynight things are closed up to keep her warm n cozy. During the day I open the doors so she has access to sun dirt, grass, and can nose up to the sows on the other side of the fence. We did put a young gilt in with her for a day, that did her a world of good, though the gilt was less then impressed about having the shadow.

Anyways, I must get, i have a whole bunch of stuff to get done. Will keep you posted
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