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Jon ^_^ I have a funny feeling i'll be on the boards a bit with her LOL, but I will keep ye updated.

As for now, im getting the scour meds, and you are correct in the amount i'm feeding her. But i swear, every product, weather it be the scour meds, the milk replacer, no matter what brand, is telling me, to feed 2qts every 12hrs. While dismorning, i took your advice and cut her feeding in half, i can safely say, she was reading me the riot act and was less then pleased when i tried to leave the pen. She was chasing me down and mooing her fool head off. Even as I stand there cleaning the bottle she was protesting.

When I went back in there to open up the paddock doors so she could go outside, she was right up my butt, if i stopped short, i had a calfs nose at the back of my leg, trying to eat my pants. I have a funny feeling she will not hesitate to drink the medicine later. Thats a good thing

Today she's also going to be receiving a bath. There's no choice in that, she apparently had some "accidents" last night and she is covered. This should prove interesting!
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