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Default abandoned calf... -my- first calf/cow -EVER- knuckled.. help??

OK, we have a calf and thats it. No cow, no goat, just a calf and pigs and rabbits. The calf we were told is couple weeks old (im willing to buy a week at most) its real thin. I have seen newborn calves bigger then this girl. She's willing to eat from a bottle, but im taking it slow, dont want to give her the scours. We are on milk formula, and electrolytes, and i've had her a grand total of 17hrs now. *note i do believe cows need to have diapers, and her first time of going, she didnt have the scours at all, in fact, i was almost thinking she was impacted at first.. she remedied that thought.

She's stood up for me, and i've noticed her front feet are knuckled a bit, and she literally walks on the tip of her hooves, tip toe fashion. If not careful, she knuckles over. I was told this will work itself out, i have to keep massaging the tendons. Then i went searching and found something called bumblefoot, then i read something about vitamin deficiency... yeah im confused. Can anyone give me any pointers?

yes i know im probably going to get yelled at for her being on tile, but she could walk really well on it, and wouldnt stay on the carpet, but if you notice her feet, you can see she's tiptoed, and on the carpet, knuckled. dont worry she's now at the barn, it was a one night thing for her to be at my place so i could feed her
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