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moo_moo_lou February 1st, 2011 19:18

Highland Cattle
Hey there!
Am wondering what you all have to say about the highland cattle.

Rhodie February 3rd, 2011 18:18

Highland cattle are an adapted breed for cold climates, easy keeping and low maintenance under extreme conditions. The negative aspects are the horns, long hair and slow growth, they have a ready market for quality grass fed beef for niche sales, and the horns are sought after in some countries. To produce a more saleable weaned calf, they can be crossed to a larger commercial breed to give a bigger faster growing calf for the mainstream market, while keeping the cost of production low with the Highland being the environmentaly adapted breeding cow with easy keeping qualities.

thomas20 May 16th, 2011 12:13

My husband loves cows, especially Highland Cattle. His dream is to own some land and have some cattle. Meanwhile we give him stuffed cows and books about cows. This has some good photos and funny captions.!!

BBC Cattle August 12th, 2011 13:47

I was raised on a dairy and beef farm and always hated cattle with horns. When the husband wanted to get Highlanders I was totally against it but he eventually talked me into getting 'just a few'. We currently run a small beef operation (for family use mostly) and have approximately 30 head. Half our heard is highland and we breed with a highland bull. I must say that the Highlands are by far the nicest disposition cattle that I have ever dealt with. They have great personalities and are very calm cows, even our bulls are very laid back. They do use there horns against each other, as their 'pecking' order allows and working with them you have to be careful. But they have never intentially tried to use their horns with us... It has happened unintentionally as when they are trying to get away from a more dominant cow. We cross the highlander bull with Hereford and Galloway to get a great tasting, faster growing cross. The cross by far is our favorite meat. The pure highland hamburger is a little fatty but the steaks are out of this world. We use no seasoning with any of out meat. The highlanders love to be brushed and worked with, easy to train, love people and are great animals. The rarely get sick, due well in the cold weather, are browsers so they have cleaned up all of our fence rows and fields, easy calving, and over all great animals. Other than the safety issue of the horns, I highly recommend this breed! Any questions let me know!

Wellborn11 March 7th, 2013 09:33

Highland cattle, with their long horns and flowing coats, have spread from the west of Scotland and are instantly recognisable throughout the world. Written records go back to the 18th century and the Highland Cattle Herd Book, first published in 1885, lists pedigrees since that time.

Ainsley09 August 25th, 2014 23:43

Highland cattle are a Scottish breed of cattle with long horns and long wavy coats which are in different in colors... I just want to say a single word How cute they are... :D :p :cool:

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