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abigailj April 19th, 2011 16:27

Tranquilizer help please
I have an 1100 range cow that has to be trangt.

Stuck on a small island--we are pretty severly flooded at the moment and she is hung up in a fence. Proably from trying to escape.

She is bad off enough now that the only other alternative is a bullet. Darn sure not the first choice.

It is a dart gun situation.

I have Acepromazine as well as Xylazine

Need help with suggested dosage--please!


abigailj May 7th, 2011 10:57

Thank you for the help====NONE AT ALL.

I appreciate it.

You all have a nice day.


joncowcare May 7th, 2011 14:27

Really sorry you feel agrieved at not receiving any feedback and so saddened to hear of your predicament.
This is not a vet or medical forum, I'm a herdsman for example, and while many of us have a great deal of experience with a very wide range of modern antibiotics and other medications including surgical techniques speaking for myself I have only a little knowledge of the above meds from what I've seen vets use.
In the uk you are not allowed to administer such meds unless suitably qualified & trained with a licence to boot which only a vet would hold.
They are classed as POM [prescription only meds].
While I have seen them used and know roughly the amount that was used each time I would be very unhappy to suggest any amount considering your current situation and also the fact that they would need to be administered with a dart-gun.
I'm sorry not to have been more help but surely there must be a vet or other qualified person you could call nearer home ?
Good luck !

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