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cyril2002us October 15th, 2009 12:54

business investment in Nigeria ,West Africa
I am looking for a already grounded in beef production and is looking to expand their business particularly in Nigeria where more than
80% of the population (140,000,000 million) eat beef,almost on a regular basis if it is available, the beef production in Nigeria is far underdeveloped and the potentials for a beef industry here can surpass several hundreds of millions of USD dollar profit per annum.
Nigeria has got the potentials, the market is waiting to be tapped.
I am veterinarian with working experience of more than seven years and i am grounded in sales and marketing
Currently working with Glaxosmithkline cx as their Customer Service Manager.
Cyril Dunkwu(Dr) DVM Nigeria

Rhodie October 16th, 2009 22:20

Many people were monitoring the Kwara project, to see if there was the possibility of doing similar projects elsewhere in Nigeria. The problems have put many people off the idea, a friend of mine, a Nigerian businessman in London was trying to recruit people, preferrably Zimbabwean farmers to start a project in Edo, as well as him starting a dairy farm of his own with qualified help, but we were unable to recruit anyone, despite the full backing of the Edo governor.
It is unfortunate that the combination of security concerns, and the difficulty in accessing the promised loans, have prevented what should have been a major agricultural revolution in Nigeria.

If you can indicate which state you intend to start the beef herd, I can make some enquiries on your behalf.

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