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yvette November 17th, 2011 00:24

Sick Calf
I think my calf has polio! I have a vet involved this is what he gave him
It has been 5 hours ago since I gave him the meds and he still can not stand!

odettemayers October 11th, 2012 03:16

I guess you should wait for the response of the medicine that vet's prescribed to your pet. It really looks different when you see your pet is sick and feeding them a medicine to look. All you need is to wait until he feels that he can stand and walk.

WildRoseBeef February 17th, 2013 21:41

I wouldn't be so quick to put all your eggs in one basket. Besides, you never even posted the symptoms of the calf, just all the meds (probably most of them unnecessary) given and nothing else. Calves and cattle don't get polio, btw, that's something humans get. You need to either see the vet or remember to ask questions first before assuming the calf's condition. Post the symptoms then maybe we can actually help you. We can't help you if you think you already know what the disease is...even if it's not what it is.

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