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Environmentally Friendly Cattle Production
Three hundred years ago, enormous herds of bison, antelope and elk roamed North America, and the land was...
How to Make Quality Hay: Understand How it Dries
Don't be fooled - delaying harvest will sacrifice forage quality, warns an Ohio forage expert. ...
How Much do Horns Grow Through the Feedlot Phase?
Even with polled genetics increasing, horned cattle still raise welfare issues, a Kansas State University...
How to Manage Summer Heat Stress in Feedlot Cattle
Sprinklers and tarpaulin shades are two ways one Nebraska feedlot is managing the summer heat. ...
How to Prepare for Grass Tetany, Grass Staggers
As spring comes, Dakota's cattlemen are advised to watch for grass tetany and be proactive about blood magnesium....
Harassed Herd? Prevent Flies and Control Fly Numbers
Flies are a perennial issue and something you can get on top of if you prepare early and act now, US cattlemen...



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